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  1. Who do these transgender idiots think they are? They make me sick. I worked very hard in elementary school to learn proper English. The queers come along and think they can change the English Language just like that. I say they will go to h*** as soon as possible. I have no respect For them queers and faggots.

  2. Maybe TRAMP will flip his golf cart, stupid idiot racist pig no prayers for this douche bag lying idiot,this pres TRAMP couldn't run a Kool aid stand,to stupid yes hillbillies stupid

  3. And the Dayton guy was registered Democrate, I heard they took it down, and tried to put a Rebublican, wouldn't doubt it ! I live in Dayton area and have a really big family, and none of us knew one of the victims, I think that is strange personally. Or anyone who knew them ! Some live in Bellbrook, werd !

  4. If you give in to any restriction, it's as if your admitting that gun owners are responsable for the shooters. Plus, you know that it'll never be enough. The left won't be happy until conservatives are disarmed, then the left can start sending Trump supporters to camps.
    You need to start forming militias in every town, so if they come for your guns, your neighbours will come to your aid in force.
    If any gun owner is killed because they tried to take his guns, that's the time and reason why the founding fathers gave citizens the right to bear arms.

  5. Most of us don't get home with $70000. So it looks like we may die either way. If we have to pay more than we get, for sure we will not be able to eat, afford water, utilities etc. I'd rather die happy than by starving and living miserably.

  6. Did anyone actually see his reaction to that llama? I can't get my news from a giant vagina.

  7. Griff Jenkins is an Alien. He has a breathing tube in the back of his head under his hair.. Check it out!

  8. If you know someone on the Left, tell them not to drink the KOOLAIDE! ! Some of you older ones will understand this, if not look up JONESTOWN !

  9. Democrats: Anti-White….Anti-Male….Anti-Fair Trade….Anti-Working Class…Anti-Nationalist…Anti-American.

  10. It's called Trumpitis, turns people into ranting lunatics and they get violent if they aren't listened to.
    Most Democrats have it, and they are listing their crimes by saying thats what Don is doing.
    Eg. The whole Russian collusion affair was bought and payed for by Democrats in hopes of a Coup.

  11. Socialists Democrats are really scary, this is the future folks. Need to stop them.

  12. This idiot racist pig Pres TRAMP, sucks and talks like he is the best thing since sliced bread he is a f,,,king low life Russian loving Racist pig, draft dodging dong,Kim Jong needs his bl,,w job soon, as soon as watters gets done

  13. Why do you really have to bring her on your show, Jesse Watters? She really is a nut case.

  14. Trump is a racist just like me. Wow we are on the same page. I wonder why mass shootings are WAY up. Watters is a trump ass kisser.

  15. When I saw clips of the socialist convention I thought it was a skit put on SNL because it was so stupid. This could not have been real people. LMAO

  16. These people are so very full of SHIT!!!! PERIOD!!! PLAIN and simple!!!! God Bless us all! For Goodness sake the only ones to blame are the people who ACTUALLY pull the trigger!!!!!! End of flipping STORY!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS!!!!!! Please everyone use some common sense please!!!!!!!

  17. White America has one enemy the Democrats Democrats are the only ones talking about white people so why aren't Shooters killing Democrats

  18. О, новый видосик, Миша, как всегда, с утра радует 😀

  19. William "RICHARD CRANIUM"
    Maher …..THE COMMIE PUKE IS WORTH $ 100,000,000 … !!! SO

  20. Dan bangino is the unhinged hysteria that is selling books and drawing a pay check from fox. That's why I watch fox.

  21. Anyone notice that the msm montages aren't sounding as canned lately? Maybe the 4am email now provides a handful of synonyms so the announcers can sound somewhat different than everyone else.

  22. The duplicitous Dems. ABC said the Dayton shooter was more about misogyny. PBS said it was about a troubled individual. Deflecting Dems… Shameful!

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