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  1. This could be the globalist fighting us to destroy our constitution and overthrow our Govt., people must wake up! Evil runamuck!

  2. Jesse! Forget it . The dems are not going to allow racial prejudice to die.

  3. I would like to see the max train stabber in Portland Oregon, who was a Bernie supporter, added to the list of left-wing violent kooks…

  4. jajajajajajajjajaja poor baby! that is sooo cute and sooo true! ah sweet heart — I feel ya!

  5. I AM A LIFELONG DEMOCRAT with this to say to my fellow Democrats:
    At the poll, you step either behind a curtain or between two blinds to cast your vote; no-one can see you punch the ticket for Republicans and/or for Donald Trump.
    Say what you are comfortable saying—do what you feel is right. I voted for Donald Trump and for each Republican (individually) on the mid-term ballot.

  6. Can both sides stop dividing this flipping country! We as citizens of this country are sick, depressed, tired and done with our Civil Servants! YOU THE GOVERMENT needs to stop arguing with each other and get our country in order, that's your job! Our infrastructure is crumbling slowly, our education system is weak compared to other countries and getting worse, our own people(citizens)are killing others and the list goes on.

    You see now!

    But what's worse is the fact as we, the citizens have lost our way; to talk to each other. To understand both sides pains, disagreements and opinions. We need to helping each other an not sit in silence and battle each other. It breaks my heart…

  7. Millennials are lonely….boo hoo. It’s because you’re a bunch of fuckin faggots😂😂😂

  8. The behavior of the leftists is completely and utterly out of control….they want civil war…they are inciting one..they want anybody who disagrees with their ideology GONE…by any means. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS…EVER…

  9. I couldn't have said it better…
    #And Trump has both of them!!

  10. people expecting politicians to solve the very problems they created , new definition of insanity

  11. AOC, Green New Deal has nothing to do with saving the environment, its a plan for restructuring the United States into a communist country to enslave us to the democratic government!!!!!

    It's exactly what happened in Russia when Stalin ogranized the the workers .. and started persecuting " the enemies of the people " !!!!!

  13. If we would just all turn off the television, things would be much better.

  14. How about the Hollywood movie where liberals hunt "Deplorables"……….THAT'S RICH, I belong to two gun clubs, I've never seen a liberal at either one!

  15. And we are supposed to be civil, but we will to a point keep pushing your liberal shit . we won't for long

  16. Trump refused to bend the knee to the establishment and the disgusting swamp. The elites who associate with the likes of Epstein and do unspeakable acts for power and money. The billionaires like Soros who manipulate so much and it is allowed, so they have a God complex.

    Trump refused. So he's paying for it and that should show you everything you need to know about our government. Our government doesn't want to protect us. The media doesn't want to inform us.

  17. He is right about us destroying the earth and depleting it's resources but his method is not. Education, birth control and less excess or mother nature will shake us off like fleas and we're talking likely billions dead…who will argue with her method then ? just saying ok, don't attack me for a lefty because I'm not.

  18. …Political stupidity is overcoming the reality of individualism, few people are born in groups or brands in a single mentality. Everyone is not seeking to led by garrulous talkers, who are paid to serve networks of capitalist. The stupidity of claiming that persons' must be a daft Christian is having to be spoken for by stupid people, as misery loves company by law. Christians are left and rightist, who fight among themselves and need no enemies.

  19. Ok let's say its white thing like Russia England or the USA . SHOW ME A SUCCESSFUL BLACK COUNTRY OR SHUTUP.WHAT WE DO WORKS

  20. Democrats are pushing racist Rederic I'm 50 year's old haven't seen it till OBAMA and the clinton corruption

  21. Millies aren't dating for a variety of reasons;

    1) false rape claims
    2) divorce culture
    3) anti-male court rulings in domestic cases, bad/unfair custody rulings
    4) a completely retarded and vapid generation of overentitled spoiled "women"

    Fix those issues or the trend will get worse.

  22. So his manifesto clearly shows he was influenced by Agenda 21 sustainable development and Globalism so Deep State rethoric to attack President Trump

  23. Why don't the president take him to court tell him to prove their claim if they can't prove them get them for false allegation for slander or defamation of character

  24. The leftist are influenced by or possessed by demons…most Democrat are really demon-crats!

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