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  1. When Booker speaks Spanish, it looks like he is trying to exorcise a demon from his torn and tattered brown stained slacks.

  2. I really hope they find a respectable way to pull Biden out of the race. Despite his cheap shots at Trump (kinda required or else the zombies chant outside his house) I feel his lifelong commitment to public service should stand. They are pushing him onto a stage and he is incoherent and it's shameful and pathetic. They have no thoughts for human dignity, only power at any cost.

  3. Name one Democrat running for Office that can pass a background check and receive a Security Clearance. If you think the FBI is going to give any one of these Democrats clearance will be a grave mistake until they stand before a Military Court and make a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty.

  4. The Democrats can nominate a 'Lying Commie Traitor', or they can nominate a 'Lying Commie Traitor'! Either way, everyone of the 20 Democrats running, and their libtard morons in the snowflake Stalinist media, need to be arrested and sentenced to death by Apache torture! Shooting is too good for these scum! In fact, calling them scum is an insult to scum!

  5. I heard Tulsi use the word "facts"… Doesn't that make her a right winger? It may be true that only a sith deals in absolutes…. But only a Democrat refuses to deal in facts..

  6. I would SHARE this but " I AM IN FACEBOOK JAIL AGAIN " ! ! Facebook is again acting as a Publisher and not a Platform !!!!

  7. The Hospitals will be robing the crap out of us with over charging — medical fraud will be so high and out of control

  8. Obviously, those are not the three options. I guess if the truth doesn’t matter whatsoever this network is at liberty to say absolutely anything

  9. As a Democrat these debates are sad to watch. The only candidate that has any logic is tulsi.

  10. The Democrats might want to declare a "state of emergency" because there's gonna be a LANDSLIDE! … we're gonna call it Trump 2020 LOL!

  11. Buy bitcoin, gold and silver. Your all in for a very rude awakening. The dollar is finished and it's all done on purpose by the banking family's that own the federal reserve. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated by these bankers. Not much time left.

  12. Fuck Tucker! fuck all trump supporters! Fuck everyone that’s on his side!

  13. Ms. Mariann is from Kolob. A real planet, according to about 125 million people. Really! No kidding!


  15. Hilarious pieces on Beto and Buttigieg. The clown world is getting funnier. Honkhonk

  16. Never mind the fact that the deep, dark, psychic force, promulgating hate, just happens to be a bunch of whack job leftists who cannot keep their panties from knotting up over crazy shit.

  17. The President running against Biden wouldn't be fair to Biden . I want the Amusement of the President running against Marianne !
    Democrats are a Joke and Clown Show this election cycle , it's all a distraction they know is going NOWHERE !

  18. Is it coincidental that Peter Stzrok made the comment, that he could 'smell' the Trump supporters at Walmart, and now Walmart patrons are being targeted? And, this is occurring right when the Soc. Dems are being exposed with their spying and lies.

  19. If a country wanted increase its population, what type of “incentives” would they offer potential immigrants?

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