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  1. I'm am done lolololol bookers face then tuckers quote about giddabug lolol "cold nasty person would say that she is lol she's done tha took me 15min to type🤣😂😅😆

  2. Libtard politics & Opioids/drugs will destroy white population in America

  3. Kamala will never talk about the QUALITY of health care, it a business and the Govt. needs to STAY OUT OF THE HEALTH CARE BUSINESS! Access to HC means expiring in the ER while waiting your turn comrade.
    Access to a toilet is a good example, Kamala's plan leaves you with a dirty, broken toilet with no water and a 9 inch log staring you in the face. What a loser and unqualified snake, a two-faced liar who's career was made performing fellatio on a 60 year old career criminal and riding the baloney pony. A fucking disgrace, ask her own father who was adamant and disgusted with the shame she brought to her family to the degree he SAID SO PUBLICLY .

  4. I dont get why in every election the candidates always say we're gonna change the country it makes no since . If you hate America so much you keep wanting to change it then maybe this isn't the country for you . This already isn't the country I grew up in we never worried about terror attacks or being abducted hell we played outside all day until the street lights came on . We never wanted to change the country and we never ever had the problems we have now . Its really sad watching this country circle the drain . America isn't America anymore it's a giant cesspool of immoral hypocrites who want this country to be a socialist 3rd world country with no borders. Even late night TV was better without much political crap hell it was actually comical now its unwatchable and the first few minutes is nothing but Trump bashing

  5. If i had to vote for a Democrat or a Rock the rock will win every time! And its smarter

  6. Will we finally see Obama and all their cronies face justice when President Trump wins.

  7. A real man, which Beta is not, would have said I'm a part time dad as a sacrifice so my children can live in a better world. He is such a soy boy beta. Unbelievable. Gillibrand is a bimbo.

  8. This must be old, Tucker should be out fishing with his dumbass son, fake news

  9. How do we pronounce 3o33o? Can numbers combined with letters create a word?

  10. Tucker, Wouldn't it be wonderful if you would be honest and tell tour audience about the staged $h00ting events in El Paso, Ohio, et al. We may not win this battle against the Luciferian Elite which include not only the left mainstream media but the right, like Disney Fox, but we won't all be fooled by your masters and the masters that control both sides of this evil paradigm. Wake up people and QUESTION EVERYTHING. It's time to put your critical thinking hats on and take the veil down that's covering your ears and eyes.

  11. What about the USA public national debt 🤔 WHY aren't the USA public talking about this 🙄

  12. As voters, let’s evaluate the districts let alone cities these cooks control….. If those Hundreds of people suffer, think of 340,000,000 million Americans if any of these cooks are President? Think about this . Extrapolate!! If you don’t understand extrapolate, google dictionary….. idiots. What would these idiots do for 340,000,000 Americans. ? Vote Trump in 2020 dummies


  14. The NHS in Britain treats anybody who turns up for nothing, 'health tourism' is becoming a big problem.
    I don't get this race to become a 3rd world country attitude in Europe or America. You elect representatives to represent you, not the poorest people in the 3rd world. The reality of the situation is: If you really want to help the 3rd world, the first thing you have to do is to stop them multiplying like rats.

  15. Tucker we both know yang is the only one there that has a brain.. and obviously you don't want him.. so send him to us here in the UK

  16. I love it, love it. Life is good. It can only get better when we get to see Mr Trump eat these morons alive.

  17. Kamalah thinks we are stupid 😡 I had a 200.oo deductible with blue shield on a factory production co. And any doctor I want That's fuckin awesome .kamalah makes it sound bad f!u! Kabalah.👺

  18. The democrats are already in extremely dark days. If illegals get free healthcare you will see a huge amount of people flooding the country and abusing that new law. As politicians they should know better than the public who are extreme left.

  19. In the history of the United States of America Cory Booker has to be the most brain-dead presidential candidate in history… I think that fudge packer guy would run a close second though🇺🇸

  20. There is not one Republican running against Trump . Why ? Just can't do it.

  21. Thanx again Tucker for giving a fair shake to Tulsi Gabbard in contrast to most others in that circus they call the Democratic party. Look at the nasties on The View smearing and slamming Tulsi while she takes 2 weeks off her rising campaign to serve Our Country.

  22. Hillary Clinton will soon throw her hat into the rig. Illegal aliens will help her win.

  23. Bill diabio would hang landlords in time square if we let him. How we miss bubba

  24. Each and every one of these Democrat lunatics is crazy, stupid, or evil, or some appalling and terrifying combination thereof. The idea that any free-thinking citizen of a republic would even contemplate voting for one of these hideous non-entities just boggles the mind.

  25. The thing I took from Biden’s China comments is that he would require China to stop stealing intellectual property. If they don’t, the US will get a 50% share of Chinese projects in the US.

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