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  1. No Nads Nadler is a joke in a corrupt stand up comedians flop! Not to mention a POS!

  2. The most hypocritical psychos in the universe…DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I wonder what California is going to do with the guy who went on that murderous stabbing Rampage.
    Of course, it won't be the death penalty because he might not like that.

  4. As a black man im so ashamed of that black woman talking crazy at McConnell home. We should not be anywhere near the front of this radical liberalism. The truth is many black men are with trump because we love America , even when it doesnt love us. All my uncles and and grandfathers were millitary men who were proud of their service. Im in my mid 40s so i caught the end of that era. What you see now is the byproduct of mass incarceration, single parents, fatherless children, and emotions over logic. My people cant even see what we have become. My utmost respect to the great Frederick Douglass (should be on the $20 bill), Booker t Washington, Martin Delaney and the many other black American heroes.

  5. Like ANYONE from the left EVER went to a gym,especially Michael Moore

  6. Hey all. The reptilians are on. Watch minute 7:40 to 7:50 at dudes left eye. Tell David Icke this shit is here before it gets taken down and edited!

  7. I love that Democrat Compassion stab that Mother F er in the heart , Or kill those unborn baby,s , The Democrat love and family value,s is over whelming I,m gonna cry.

  8. 680 deported out of about 20,000,000 (probably more). if we did 680 a day it will only take about 80 years to finish the job.

  9. Okay now this is way over the top. It is time right now for all of us to demand Nadler be removed now. He is really insane and he is really very very sick. He must get put of his seat and get the heck out of the USA. Time to start removing citizenship from every single person in gov. And never be aloud to come back here if they do then get put in prison for thr rest of their lives. Pelosi Soros Hilary and Bill Obama Brennan everyone who hates and wants to change Our America into Socialism like every other Country is and this is why it is perfect in kicking all who hates Us out of here

  10. Why does the out-of-studio footage get covered over with the show's placard?

  11. Michael Moore has a gym membership ??? I couldn't hear or concentrate on anything after that .

  12. Democrats are 100% lies and if someone doesnt agree, someone hasn't been paying attention.

  13. So Nadler is going to go ahead w impeachment hearings against Trump. What a. Kike!
    I hope that when all is said and done this impeachment blows up in his face and he is left humiliated and hopefully shamed out of his office

  14. Oh look, a mass stabbing in California. Good thing they have gun laws there to prevent those kind of things from happening. Actually it's pretty horrible, my condolences go out to the other victims and the families of those slain.

  15. Educated well spoken black man = Republican. Dumbass low IQ black man = democratic. Its that's simple. The left prays on the weak.

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