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  1. How about we boycott Elizabeth Warren, the shooter in Dayton OH is her supporter… So by their logic, she is to be blamed for the Dayton shooting

  2. The spoiled bias racist Democrats are the cancer to America that must be eliminated…..Trump 2020

  3. If you really want to treat others the way you wanted to be treated, then go to work

  4. What a bunch of deceived Liars. 53 seconds into this and I can't watch anymore

  5. Dems are nuts, do they really think they can win on these types of tactics? They are literally setting Trump up for reelection. Not sure who runs their think tank, but man they need to be fire because obviously they are working to reelect Trump.

  6. Do they love the unborn babies they scrape and suction from their Mother's womb?

  7. So laughable to hear the Dems toot their own horns, while they act like fascists. Hypocrites.

  8. The big lie the left repeat over and over is we are a democracy. Damn them loud ass ignants.

  9. Of course, hypocrisy is the least of the sins of the Democrats. Where to start on THAT subject?

  10. DUDE, WHAT WAS THAT….killmeeee………..And i was breaking Tuckers balls….So Sorry………..

  11. I wish I was there to get real on these people that have no respect what so ever, like nosey niegtherbors i would literally get them wet then tase them with a cow taser fuck you fuck you and you too fuck you zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz

  12. Not to worry, every time the leftists do a boycott on a company, it always flips and hurts them.

  13. Hey tuck, sue feeling a lot looser these days… lemme guess, you can’t tell, you only dig about 5”, 😂. Strap a board,she loves big and brown. Sorry, not sorry

  14. Who is writing the talking points for these Demonrats? They all stick to the script, that's for sure.

  15. Tuckface off sucking his thumb in the wake of lost advertisers. Three questions: 1) How did the second amendment which allowed a militia to protect against national oppressors become a right for any American to possess any number of weapons for any reason whatsoever? 2) Why don't we have background checks when 90% of Americans want them? 3) Why does the NRA control Congress?

  16. The Democrats sole purpose is to undermine United States of America open borders create a threshold for isis talk about racist what about the Latinos that think they are better than everybody waiting in line patiently that can self support

  17. They need to take a straight razor skin themselves and not worry about being white. Trash Hollywood trash.

  18. this moderator has the intelligence, charm and charisma of a bag of hammers. He seems like a ventriloquist's dummy. btw I'm a Republican

  19. Promoting Women?… this bitch is responsible along with Obama, Brennan and Holder for murdering thousands of innocent Mexican Women and Children by sending thousands of illegal guns into Mexico. It was easy to blame the cartels and a fake drug war when the corrupt media peddled their lies. Hillary and Obama we haven't forgave or forgotten.

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