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  1. Hey Julian there was a "mass murder" in Dayton Ohio also by a Warren/ climate conspiracy supporter. An I can't recall racist rhetoric from the president that causes the El Paso shooting. The Baltimore tweet had nothing to do with race. The imagination on the left is scary.

  2. Koch wants unfettered capitalism.  cheap wages by immigrants flooding labor market no unions… nice?  Give us a break!

  3. The excuse given by Julian Epstein as what Rep. Castro would say to justify Castro's doxing of donors is the equivalent of saying, "Mom, all my friends stole from the store, so I should be able to do it, too."  How ridiculous.


  5. The only ones that must be exterminated are the rats 🐀 on the left (MSM + Democratic Party).

  6. Take these people into custody for evaluation and questioning , are they nuts ?

  7. "both sides have to tone down" ??? no the LEFTIST COWARDS have to tone down their slander and calls for violence, They are the ones who are dividing and hurting the country

  8. The left wants gun control for 1 reason…they know that these may eventualy be pointed at them…js.

  9. Dear Jason, the KKK are NOT conservative OR Christian…they were a creation of the Democrat party!

  10. Lol one of the sickest things hes heard from castro what about the shithole country bs from trump ?

  11. YouTube sold out now it sux. Just like everything the Globalist touch turns to shit.

  12. Doesnt sucker carlton is so sensitive but he talks alot of shit , he thinks aoc is dumb i think tucker is plain stupid in his own world stay in your bubble sucker carlton

  13. Trump is not subliminal; he isn't even liminal. While visiting cities recovering from mass shootings told him not to come, he came and made the pain and grief of those cities all about himself; how he had a "wonderful time". Incapable of empathy, the ability to console or comfort, he had a good time. Of course, Tuckface ignores this.


  15. The NRA started as a civil rights organization for the rights of blacks to defend themselves. Js I’m sick of the lies

  16. The Romans. If you were brave enough to bring a case before the consul or tribunal. The 1st question they asked was this. " who benefits"? And id beg someone to convince me all this division is not China.

  17. Castro = MALICIOUS DOXING and malicious doxing should be punishable by Life in prison or the death Penalty.

  18. These politicians, pundits and others need to be charged for liable and slander against the American people and our Great President. This has gone way too far. Who or what is this Julian Epstein….talks about El Paso and not Ohio to make his false narrative.

  19. I’m surprised they didn’t have someone on claiming Trump is colluding with the Chinese as 8 is a lucky number for them lol

  20. Epstein is wrong. None of the President’s language has given encouragement to extremists ever and certainly has not encouraged the latest mass murderer. That’s ridiculous. He tries to sneak that by just like the MSNBC racist baiters, Julian is another kind of bator.

  21. That fbi white trash turd man is clearly trying to show how knowlegable he is but he is just old and all old guys know about 88 being heil hiltler and he looked like a fool for saying what he did. Idiot white trash like him should be hung

  22. The douchebag in the first interview was clearly a Libtard.

  23. It is so hard to believe that both Fidel and Raul Castro managed to get voted into American politics and now they want to force Americans to welcome open borders. Communist totalitarianism is now the new normal…so sick!

  24. Msm is dying. They are screaming as loud as they can and trying to be shocking. It's all scare tactics. At some point you have to turn it off. This will not end. The world is moving on without cable news. They are propaganda and need to go away.

  25. Trump Rhetoric is fine. You punch him and he punches back. Sounds fair to me. Trump is the farthest from “White Supremacist”.

  26. He lost me when he claimed the NRA is racist. one of the spokesmen is a young black man- just saying.

  27. The left wants to destroy America, what will it take to stop them. Civil War

  28. In Other Words , Give Black People More Ammunition And Allow Them To Kill Everyone In Their Sight …
    Mostly Their Own People !

  29. The show stranger things and Orange is the New Black is loaded with liberal talking points and propaganda… Use of media in that way,.. that should be illegal

  30. Jason Nichols is going to end up on the Trump Train … Identity Politics disavows MLK's "Dream", Prof. Nichols. You can see that, right?

  31. Barr will not indict anyone. He is part of the swamp. Trump time and time again picks the wrong people. Barr is no better than Sessions.

  32. Why are we letting people named Castro into American politics to begin with

  33. MSNBC has crossed a line and become a danger to decent people. They are racist liars and evil. They must be stopped at all costs.

  34. OMG the el Paso shooter said specifically that his opinions pre dated trump, it is dishonest to say trump is responsible. Just cos a crazy person endorses one side or another doesn't make either one complicit!!!

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