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  1. I don't like Trump's tweets either, but the democrats are scary in how absolutely stupid, manipulative and liars they are. Democrat fiscal policies destroy everything and everyone they come into contact with.

  2. “…dangerously crazy on the left; How crazy?” “Former Jeb Bush spokeswoman…” the left?

  3. So which will it be. Segregation or war? There is no third choice at this point.

  4. The number 8 is a very important number in Christianity!
    Eight souls were saved upon the Ark!

  5. Wonder who got paid big $$ for writing the booklet for health services/MDs to add "contact with cops" as a problem.

  6. Keep your guns, IF you are an AMERICAN CITIZEN! Jason Nichols, AGREED! I love understanding people I don't agree with on all points. Jason, you are awesome!

  7. Don't appreciate the jab at Alex Jones and Infowars , they have been onto this political mess as it has been developing over the years with much more accuracy than any MSM outlet including Fox.

  8. I don't accept the premise that Trump's tweets and rhetoric are to blame or encourage "white supremacists" etc… this notion that calling out unacceptable and or poor behavior is somehow automatically "racist" if it is being identified and the perpetrator in question happens to be non white is absurd and itself a racist attitude. Snowflakes with a permanent chip on their shoulder and a massive bug up their ass that CHOOSE to be "offended" by anything that challenges their fragile world view should not be dictating the language that the leader of the free world uses to express himself with especially when it is refreshingly frank and honest language.

  9. To US-News Today: You say "Like and Subscribe." Well, if you only broadcast 24 minutes of a 40+ show, you won't get likes or subscribers. You need to post the ENTIRE show, not just a part of it.

  10. It's funny how they have to lie and say that the NRA is trying to take away black people's guns the NRA is for law-abiding citizens to have an arm themselves and to protect the 2nd amendment and to train people on how to use guns properly and store them they are not a racist group you're full of s***

  11. Someone tell that asshole Castro real Americans do not want illegals in our country we don’t mind legal immigrants we just don’t want the illegals and their children we want them out of America you dumb POS

  12. Why does Nicole Wallace still have a job after what she said about president Trump? These are the kind of comments that cause violence! Just how full of shit do you have to be to be called on the carpet in the liberal media?

  13. Keep those two names in mind : Brian Roberts, CEO Comcast and Andy Lack. Both of these men could stop the hate mongering and conspiracies theories that are inciting violence and dividing America. They both must have lost a lot of money when Hillary Clinton lost an election she and the democrats rigged to win. Of course a lot of wealthy elites thought they were also going to get a big return on their investment. Hillary, as you know, was conducting a pay-for-play foundation that lots of wealthy elites were contributing to. She was going to carve up America and lots of these super wealthy elites who own the FAKE NEWS media corporations wanted a piece of the pie. The defeat was historic and the left lost America. They lost an election they all rigged to win and then something happened….Donald J. Trump happened and the Left lost years of time and money. Americans got their country back ! The left continues to foment discord and hatred. The elites are attempting to ignite a civil war. Don't let yourself be fooled, the democrats and liberals are NOT on the side of Americans. The Democrats and liberals are trying to take total control of your lives, freedoms and liberties. They have absolutely no regard for the poor, working/middle class people. The Democrats and liberals are out for themselves and the money they can steal from the productive members of American society that work so hard to earn their pay. just sayin. VOTE TRUMP 2020 !

  14. MSNBC SUCKS!!! And Hispanics Love Trump!! This Latina will continue to donate & vote 4 Trump2020

  15. This situation is completely Donald Trump's fault because he is always making divisive comments & calling people losers & rapists & on & on & on & on. He is the cause of all of these problems because If he were not President OR if he had ANY decency or civility or manners or decorum we would not be in this situation. He is a provocateur & a name caller & has incited this entire situation. It is totally obvious to anyone who looks at the situation objectively. I say this as a traditional conservative who believes in decency and in civil debate. I knew that his Presidency was going to be a national & international disaster & it is turning out to be way worse than i ever thought. The MAIN person who needs to tone it down is Donald Trump. He needs to go on TV and apologize to everyone that he has insulted and lied about & to the citizens of the United States and ask that EVERYONE on both the left and the right start behaving like adults and to work through their differences with respect and get down to the business of legislating which is what their jobs are & that they all get paid WAY too much money to do because they waste most of their time in name calling and insulting one another & it is a big distraction and it gets the population riled up and leads to hate crimes and violence. If Mr. Trump were a great man or a great president that is what he would do…take the high road and make a call for a return to decency and dialogue but if he does not and he gets re-elected this country is going to head towards civil chaos & it will all be on Mr. Trump…simple as that…he is the sun around which all of this is orbiting and he is the only one that can fix it & if he does not then we are in deep shit…he needs to quit acting like a 13 year old & to start acting like our leader…the leader of all the people both Republican & Democrat & say HOW can we work together and make our country sane again…no ifs and or buts…get his ass on television, admit his wrongdoings and plead for all to start acting like professional legislators and commentators & citizens to act like Americans not savages…

  16. The shooter worshipped Satanism. While Social media worshipped propaganda. And they are using their agenda against Trump and his supporters?? Fuck them all! If they want war, we give them war!

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