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  1. Biden? Should I push the button? Yes I mean not! Maybe? Huh? Please. 👎🏽. Trump!

  2. Hong Kong can fix the problem tomorrow just have that woman who's the leader their step down and get a new leader that's what the people are asking for and promise you're not going to violate the 50-year to Country status

  3. Thank you, Mooch! You finally woke up and stopped drinking the Kool Aid.

  4. Someone question MaClinton and Billy The Perv. as to what they know…….Check Schumer and Nadler alibi story.

  5. Someone question MaClinton and Billy The Perv. as to what they know…….Check Schumer and Nadler alibi story.

  6. Greetings from Australia. WTF isn’t this jail funded by the State of New York and is a state jail not a Federal Penitentiary. So the under funding and irregularities can be shirted to Dumbocrats DeBlasio and the idiot Governor Cuomo but leftist unions never miss a chance to blame a conservative. Seriously, what qualifies Michelle Obummer to be a President because she was the wife/husband of a failure of a President. The mooch is a POS that is earning a living by being a rabid dog, 11 days of failure. 😂😂

  7. Trump 2020!!!!! Scaramuchi is a fool and we do not care about his opinion!!!!!

  8. Scaramucci is an egomaniac, a gross understement, hates TRUMP coz TRUMP fired him in 11 days after becoming Press Secretary. Poor poor Scaramucci. Im gonna start a fund me page for tissues for Scaramucci.

  9. Michelle will be destroy by my President Trump like no tomorrow. And that will be the second lost of Obama

  10. So did CIA crooked Hil murder Epstein on Saturday afterall? As example to murder her diabetic ex husband while asleep tonight in her same neighborhood? Via another FBI murder suicide with fake note coverup? While attempts to murder me at same time via put on another CIA hit list and nonstop since Sept 2015 to stop me from marrying bill once his divorce was finalized on Nov 20, 2015?

    Cover up her gay lover Huma Abedin since 1996 and her fake husband Weiner as big time pimps of trafficked children on Epstein's island? Cover up her undisclosed trips to his same island? And her satanic pedophile murders, children sex trafficking since the 1070's and snuff film, Frazzledrip with Huma in general?

    Or is she wrong?

  11. Anthony was a traitor anyway. # Irrelevant!! Like many others . Ask Steve Bannon!!

  12. "Historically weak?" "Lied 12,000 times?" What was that twit lady smoking, talking about DJT that way?

  13. Since crooked Hil criminally bought DNC party and controls it since 2016, ya think she appoints herself as nominee vs Biden? Even tranny Michelle Obama?

    Or is she wrong?

  14. Once people form a crowd they become a mindless mass. You would not catch us in a crowd ever. No ball games. No stadium events. No big churches. No holiday rush shopping sprees.

  15. Can we make a deal with China to take the citizens of Hong Kong and we’ll give them all our Democrats?


  17. And is CIA crooked Hil plotting another terror mass shootings at her NJ Buddhist center tomorrow night from 7-9pm on Aug 13? Crooked Hil and Chelsea's wkly Tuesday terror attack attempt since 9-17-16 to jail or murder her to stop bill from marrying her ever since his divorce finalized on Nov 20, 2015?

    Via CIA Somalian and Nigerian jihadist terrorists created by CIA Obama and Brennan since 2013 in attempt to link, witchhunt and jail her and diverse Buddhist laity with any one of their CIA/FBI/DHS treasonous, rogue and traitorous spy agencies since? Buddhist laity dedicated to peace, culture, education, interfaith dialogue and abolition of all nuclear weapons as greatest threat to world peace?

    Or is she wrong?

  18. hello AMERICANS!!! I'M From Israel.. do you really bealive he killed himself!!!???
    give me a break!! some one did it!!

  19. We should stay the hell out of what Hong Kong is doing. Worry about illegals and Muslims invading America.

  20. Excuse Me. Susan..
    Are You Kidding.. Me? Did You Just Say Trump is A Historically Weak Candidate.? What Exact Planet Do You Come From..?
    Not only Is Trump Incredibly Popular Here in The US But He Is Even More Popular As The People's Political Rockstar
    Iconic RoleModel Worldwide..
    The Current Response To Trump
    Outside The USA is A Resounding
    Nonstop Endorement Of President Donald John Trump… with the MASSES Of People Round The World Who Are SCREAMING….
    We WANT TRUMP……..! !
    WE WANT TRUMP………..!!!
    Hello.. Maybe You Are Referring To those In Your Polically Bent Courtyard .Exclusively.. You Need To Qualify Which Segment If Voters Your Are Talking About.
    Your Buddies Find Him To Be
    Historically Unpopular. Not According To the Masses Both inside The US Or Outside the US. . Susan. Again Do The Viewers And Fox News a Big Favor.. Fox Heralding the Fair And Balanced News Mantra With YOU Decide.. Again Please Qualify What Specific Arena You Are Talking About Before Making Broad Brush Stroke Comments About the Entire Country That Are Just Not Backed Up By Any Facts Other Than Your
    Unfounded Perceptions that You Attempt to lead The Fox Viewers
    With As Unmitigated Gospel..
    Where is The Factual Evidence
    to Substantiate Your Outlandish
    Statements Of Fact…. Susan?
    With All Due Respect. Are You
    Kidding Me?

  21. When you are talking out of both sides mouth and your ass too you increase your chances of getting a word wrong.

  22. Awe Muslims are held in China. .. how long do you think the Chinese would be alive if it were them in Muslim prisons… THERE WOULD BE HEAD ON PIKES FOR MILESTONE AROUND.

  23. SCARAMU….. who??? ma…fa..r… ! was in white house like what 10 days!!???? shout the fack you'r mouth IDIOT.. TRUMP WILL ELLLECT in 2020 !!! full stop.. see it is 13 OGEUST 2019!!! FROM ISRAEL!!!!

  24. How AMAZING it would be if a few hundred thousand Chinese people would join the good people of Hong Kong, and bring down the evil, brutal Communist government. My God, aren't all these people sick enough of being stomped on every single day by these unhuman monsters?! Don't they realize that this appalling 'social credit' system is a whole other level of dehumanization perpetrated on them by those megalomaniacal sociopaths, to deprive them of any shred of individual conscience or identity? Communists make a decision to ignore all questions of morality or decency, or even humanity—in favor of power and all that comes with it. They are so hollowed out that they can never be satisfied unless they are coming up with ever-new means of abusing and treating 'their people' like disposable objects. FK Beijing and their 'tough talk', I hope the Communist Chinese government explodes with hordes of ordinary people finally hitting their limit, and taking these demons OUT, once & for all!

  25. HaHa mad mad world these media's.& Social site's will display any&everything nothing but garbage Youtube, Facebook Faux ETC like who care who this guy like or support real care important news is hard to get now!!

  26. If Joe got the job he would pass the football to whoever and probably give out the nuke code as his phone no

  27. I don't think Clinton nor Michelle would want to run. Just imagine the dirt that will come out.

  28. Other countries require the same if not more from legal immigrants. So why shouldn't we.
    My grandparents came from Italy, worked hard raised a family and became citizens, without help from the government.

  29. Anyone that go's on CNN?
    To talk shit about president Trump is talking shit about us that voted for him! & Everyone that thinks this country should come first.

  30. Who gives a FUCK! Never heard of the DUNCE, All that matter is God supports his re-election and the people will too because he ordained it.🙏🏿🇳🇬❤️

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