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  1. Lmfao! I'm not trying to be an ass because it's saddening watching a kid cry. However, her father is the one who broke the law. Furthermore, I know a state where 660ish jobs just opened up.

  2. I agree it’s sad but if a parent breaks a law without thinking of the ramifications it could have on their children or families, then how sad is that parent

  3. Does the girl cry the same type of tears, that mom's cry, when their kids are "killed" by an illegal ?

  4. Listen to me USA is not the greatest country in the world,stop spreading fake news…you have no health care.

  5. 5. Tickets. By. Polices. A day. 30. Day. 150. A month. 18000 tickets. A year.
    For. Single. Polices.
    Millions. Polices. =. 1800,000000
    Tickets. To. All. Driver. In. USA.
    It’s. Americans. Drive. To. Work. Or. Not. ? All. GOV. Hurting. Americans.
    Every. Days. All. Americans. Lost. Driver. License.
    People’s. Run. For. GOV. Never. Care.
    Stop. Polices. To. Kill. Americans. Workers. Stop. Kill. Babies. By. Polices.
    In. USA. Because. , mom. &. Dad no. License. Drive. To. Work.
    Federal. Lost. Trillions. Dollar.
    No. Once. Think. A bout. Polices. Evils.
    In. The. United. States.

  6. Good. Get em. The law is the law and no one is above it. Period. Fuck your feelings.

  7. No mention here of Trump inheriting the lowest immigration rate in fifty years or that immigration has spiralled upwards because he spends money on publicity stunts for his election campaign rather than real effective measures to tackle the problem. Trump needs illegal immigration so he can keep the fear mongering going to keep his sheep in line. Any mention here of Trump not allowing the press to photograph or video his visits to the hospitals following the shootings but instead having the WH make a video and take stills that he could use as an election campaign and send out on Twitter. Just more campaigning at the people's expense. Children's TV at its worst.

  8. Stop bleeding hearts! The law is the law! Ask the mothers of citizens killed by unvetted illegals!

  9. Instead of flogging the victims provide attorneys for them to sue Castro!

  10. Americans go to jail everyday….separated from there children…ask kamala Harris…. She did it for entertainment

  11. If their children are here they should also be sent back. When I went overseas and lived, when the visa ran out, so did I. Overstepping the border without papers, no matter how you want to arrange your words is illegal. Here we have children who've been told that they're Americans and they are not being told the truth. Castro needs to jump in a lake somewhere. Donna Brazil needs to think about all the men (and women) who've similarly broken laws in our own country leaving their family behind while they are incarcerated. She has crap for brains and clearly shows it.

  12. What's up with Sandra Smith? She has become dumb as a brick since becoming an anchor. How many times and in how many ways does Mr. Holman have to tell her it's a criminal investigation.

    I, too, feel sorry for the kids. Their parents have put them in this position.

    It's bad enough the "Lame Stream Media" tries to feed their's, and the Dems, agenda. Fox is becoming just as bad. I've noticed the Fox anchors have become more rude and push their agenda. Fox is now no better than the others!


  14. ~FB.I~ “Could Smell the Trump support at Walmart?” Hmmm? 45’s Fault? Trump supporters faults?

  15. Well little girl .daddy shouldn't be breaking the law so blame your father

  16. The US is not the greatest country in the world. It is obvious which American Politicians who have never been to other countries. Except 3rd world countries, and they only do that to make it appear like they are some type of caring person. Pure manipulation.

  17. This issue of cracking down on illegals has been talked about for months. The parents should have done the right thing and made an effort to be legal. It's heartbreaking to see that little girl, but she is wrong, her father broke the law. Even American children are separated from their parents if their parents break the law. DO THE RIGHT THING! COME IN THE LEGAL WAY.

  18. Where is the concern for the American citizens who can’t get a job because illegals have taken it ? Trump 20/20 for enforcing the law.

  19. You got 25 million more to arrest. Get busy! Thank God that Mr. Trump is the president and will get these illegals out of our country.

  20. Our kids cry too when we break the law and are separated need to quit playing on the kids and focus on the parents period

  21. What is Fox doing cuddling up with the damn illegals showing crying kids of the illegals? When a criminal is arrested he GOES TO JAIL DAMNIT or I will commit a crime and I damn well expect to get away with it. We cant have 2 standards of law is this country or their will be war. The socialist Castro should shut up and call for the arrest of his Latinos as they have no say as they are illegal. The democrats are going to cause more killings like the ones they caused by the 2 socialist crazies in Texas and Ohio by not doing their jobs in the house. The democrats are useless and dangerous to America and us the citizens. We will not be subjugated to these terrible people! There is going to be a war!

  22. Castro is a low life who needs to be Removed from office needs to go to Prison for Doxxing !!- Fox has gone. Left and is now CONTROL MEDIA the Enemy of the People !!- TRUMP 2Q2Q WWG1WGA

  23. Don't bring your kids to the scene of the crime if you don't want your kids involved. Illegal entry into the united states is a crime. Come to America illegally by yourself and send money back to Mexico for your family like they've been doing for over 100 years so when you get caught and deported, which you eventually will, for being a law breaking criminal your kids wont suffer for your illegal actions.

  24. As for the movie the sickies in dummywood put out if they come hunting me or mine I will put a bullet between their eyes cut their damn head off and hang it in a tree for the crows to eat their eyeballs out! There are millions in America just like me when the chips fall and the time comes to act.

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