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  2. People have "'conspiracy theories" because we are LIED TO SO MUCH from the MSM. In the end the "conspiracy theories" ends up being the truth. MSM IS TRULY THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

  3. What a bunch of off-base, irrelevant candidates ththe Democrats have pulled together. They don't have a chance of defeating Trump in 2020.

  4. Bill and Hillary killed Epstein so she can run again in the 2020 ellection, Trump is right it was Bill

  5. F.B.I. Will cover this for Marxist Democrat’s protection. Can’t have bad press…

  6. The Democrat Open Border Party still doesn't have the support for rallies Ha Ha so they go to fairs so it looks like somebody showed up//// Trump can't ((( Legally ))) lose in 20/20 and Nazi Pelosi know it , if you can't win ! Change the rules folks . Nazi Pelosi and puppets took the House by silently making a voter fraud technique legal in key states ( Public Records )SEARCH Ballot Harvesting

  7. Trump behind bars…..Tens of millions of genuine Christians are praying to the Lord for that glorious day

  8. you try to replace president Trump' I'll vote for Bernie Sanders, and my nursing home friends will too !

  9. conspiracy theories? lol its not a theory the Clintons have been killing people for the past 30 years, Bill had him killed

  10. And if we tax us to death. And the rest of the world like china does nothing but pollute plz tell me

  11. Trump stays. Rich guys ( like mooch ) can just g.r.I.n. n bare it. This ain't no time for s.q.u.a.b.b.l.e.s…… bubbles

  12. Typical for ppl thrust into the limelight and can't handle when its taken away. Some men are such babies. I used to like the mooch but he has totally turned me off. Meybee go see kapernick maybe try out for cheerleaders..both on tv and open foot mouth slogans!

  13. If you want to go GREEN — plant a shitload of trees 🌲.
    There has been to many trees removed and they clean the air and supply our oxygen.

  14. Skaramuchi…thereis a reason you are on the outside looking in. You are irrelevant.

  15. If we feed these cows more beans, she could blow her fat a.s.s. over the moon!

  16. Point A to point Q somebody knows the hammer of justice is for all now that Trump is the commander and chief

  17. The Cats on the view are racist! They also present themselves as experts on everything.they can believe to be 100% true. Sometimes I like them, and at other times I can't stand them. I guess they have to paly the game, no matter what.

  18. I like how u say PLOT…. Like its a UFO with green aliens in it. Its not far fetched at all in fact its obvious this so shady. The only ones acting like conspiracy is crazy is the media….why is that?

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