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  1. Yedi dude make an adjustment….buy from Mexico or Europe or another Asian source….cmon rise up everyone is making sacrifices…quit your crying this is America…maybe we can start making some of your sweat shop parts here or Mexico..pay a little more..talk solution be a grown ass man…you are spoiled

  2. All they have to do is make less money…for now….sacrifice is always part of something better in the long term.

  3. Someone wrote, "8/111/19.
    Are the months getting longer?
    (Someone hit an extra "1.")
    Does no one proofread anymore?

  4. Red Flag is not the answer! Distraught angry people will be turning in their neighbors over stupid stuff and innocent Americans will suffer! Not the right way to do this! There are enough "Gun Laws" on the books and these laws need to be enforced!

  5. Perhaps now the Elite and political clowns will release their dogs to eliminate the victims, so they may shut up completely.

  6. The ONLY REASON WHY the clinton's has not spoken to Epstein since he was arrested because they WANT people to think they have nothing to do with Epstein, but forgot bill clinton, "the molester" has flown 26 times on the Lolita Express owned by Epstein.

  7. My fellow Americans and President Trump,

    Please, do not trample on the 1st, 4th, 6th and 9th Amendments to protect the 2nd. All the Amendments must be protected. Call your Representatives and Senators.
    *No to Red Flags ( these laws hurt those who cannot afford legal representation)
    *No Big Tech watchlists
    *You and everyone should repost my comment.
    *Make sure every Patriot is calling their Representatives and Senators so they know to vote no on any Legislation that will encroach on our liberties or they will be primaried out.
    *Use your voices not war!
    (I feel as President Trump is one of the best Presidents we have had in decades but I will no longer support him if our Rights are not being protected. That means all of them.)

  8. The loser liberal college criminal trash whore politicians are know as leadershit? Obama Clinton Bush Carter holdovers? Loser criminal college trash whores?
    Mr President Trump is pure LEADERSHIP.
    Obama Clinton Carter Bush leadershit? And their sellout fake news loser college TROLLS? Haha
    All criminals. Over 40 years of criminal politician college trash whores? Hahahahahah leadershit? Selling out the America people for profit? Pigs

  9. Feds need to search his property well. I bet he has lots of bribery tapes….if they don't have them already…

  10. This Bobby is not telling the truth. The Chinese are paying the tariffs not you idiot! Buy from a country that is not trying to wipe America out. You say you dont know who you will vote for? See your business completely freefall and get the deed to your house to cause the democrats will take everything from you and make you their slave.

  11. I'm getting very bummed out about Fix news. They're reminding me more and more of CNN. This guy Leland. Holy shit? He won't let the politician finish one fucking sentence. I want to know what the guy has to say, so Leland, shut the fuck up. Be polite. Be responsible.

  12. President Trump is a celebrity well known for his cheerful personality, he is a caring, giving and loving man.

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