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  1. "As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live."

    __ Pope John Paul II

  2. Pro shit the Republicans police State created this by destroyed small towns and big cities using fines house arrest , drug courts, incarceration, they take children from poor for next to nothing because they can't afford good lawyer there kids are destroyed by time they get them back government does it all using the unconstitutional police State, U.S. Constitution article 2 section 8 only the militia shall exicute the laws of the United States foriegn send domestic, 2nd amendment a well regulated militia being necessary for a free State, what does necessary mean

  3. Can't have it both ways .. No red laws .Fuck Trump ..ill vote Democrat ..for the first time in my life …

  4. Dems don't want moderates, they want a liberal takeover and dictatorship of the country

  5. You know that the gun that is used to shoot anything or anybody doesn’t have a brain or AI. A gun in the hands of a sane person, of whom has good common sense, will not attempt to harm or kill anyone! Those who arbitrarily or purposely take up a gun and use it to harm and murder people are extremely mentally unstable! The changes necessary to reduce such things from happening come down to improving the ability for family members and close acquaintances of insane individuals for having them placed involuntarily in a secured mental health facility. Hurricanes, tornadoes, lighting and floods have often injured and killed people; GUN’S, LEFT UNTO THEMSELVES, HAVE NEVER INJURED OR KILLED ANYONE!

  6. Background checks means your ex gf will decide if you can get a firearm license or have it revoked

  7. Feminism killed marriage. That’s why 70% of black children don’t have a dad at home. Their mom drove them away. Black men are mostly alphas and don’t put up with feminism bs

  8. marriage for everyone? Any 2 consenting adults? How about a brother and sister? How about father daughter? This is where the madness started. Marriage is a term to describe a union between a man and a woman and has been for thousands of years until a second ago.

  9. The hillbilly news station, don't take my guns(can't afford the ammo) what a bunch of dumbass idiot TRAMP kiss ass idiot coward racist pigs

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