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  1. The democrats have no agenda other than fake racism and hate towards the President and millions of Americans.
    These candidates are not qualified for the jobs they have now! and we’ve all seen why.
    None of them will ever get into the White House without an invitation in their lives.

  2. Sleepy Joe is going to LOSE any chance of winning against our Great President TRUMP! Trump has God's backing. Democrats are being exposed for the wicked corrupt people they have become.

  3. Why did you not refute the Democratic attack by using Trump's actual words, which were not racist.
    I'm sick of lies., and much media coverage, that lies by omission. Use the President's words to give true reporting.

  4. Really Biden you just lost more votes the Dems keep talking keep losing You people in gov. You bring racic more then the every day person.

  5. Mr "THEY GONNA PUT YA'LL BACK IN CHAINS" has some nerve callin Trump a racist!

  6. Stop promoting greed and pushing trading with communist China and other countries that refuse to allow their citizens human rights and freedoms. Shop local and buy American and cut down on transportation cost and the use of fossil fuels. Promote small self sufficient communities where people take care of each other and churches care for those in need. I’m fed up the this new green-with-envy mentality where the government taxes and controls all the earth’s natural resources and everything people are allowed to do. The rebranding of communism as climate change has been very successful.

  7. We don’t believe or trust people who are liberal radical activists people open mouth with bullying language to others….which happened more often many where people wanted to see…

  8. If they try to take away are Gun's they will start a war in are country

  9. Wow..the more I see Biden…the more he is starting to look like Walter…the puppet..that angry old white guy…puppet…the squinting eyes…the way he rotates his head..the tight lips….sounds crazy…but can't shake it…its stuck in my head now…..!

  10. Sticks and stones are all the democrats have or can accomplish! Donald did it? What a dumb way to try to win an election! Tell us how you will help the country not how many names you can make up. Bunch of dumb democrats.

  11. With all we know how the Democratic Party behavior and actions are splitting our country apart with lies and corruption to take down our President so in my opinion Democrats are insane to madness. And don't serve my vote.

  12. All I can say is I'm a swing voter and there is no damn way I'm voting for any of these Socialist Communist Democrats Biden included he is as bad as Hillary I will be voting Trump 20/20 and Republican

  13. You bet they’re all waiting for President Trump administration to end…… their believes that they’re able to deals with anyone and win……..

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