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  1. A list needs to be compiled of all the Dems and Hollywood celebs who live in gated communities, fenced estates, or any property with any type of barrier. Or apartments / condos with security.

  2. The world has been fed a steady diet of mass violence,in the last 100 yrs,holly wood,tv,media in general,, music ind.and games where kids kill things virtually for hours,what happens when somebody watches porn any length of time? They become aroused inside the fantasy..what happens when when they virtually kill for hrs and hrs days and days..they become descensitised to violence inside the fantasy,some want to carry out that fantasy, and because of the lack of true spirituality in this world..Some find a cause to carry out violent acts..1 John 5:19..Satan has made sure the conditions are rife

  3. Met you in Myrtle Beach SC at a book signing and asked you to have Michael Savage on you new show at the time… Your repley " It's my show, and I can have anyone I want on it!" STILL WAITING!!!!

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