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  1. что это за хуйня?
    где Миша, хули канал переименован?
    что за политота?

  2. This has been observed by me for awhile. African Americans including us citizens should be outraged how they as victims have been ignored, that non- citizens come first before them. The non- citizens are being given all the media coverage and all the assistance by the politicians. They just don’t care about what’s going on in Chicago.


  4. Almost all people in the media and the political hierarchy are missing and have missed what is really going on..regardless of who the president is. I believe Trump is a big stop gap against the globalist demons who are pushing this to a massive battle good vs evil..God is in control and nothing can change that..Christ will come at the appointed time.. truth is ..before that the world will descend into chaotic times and we are just at the opening stages ..the great tribulation is just around the corner..so look to Christ and put all your trust in him.. not Trump..or any of those wicked democrats atheists
    .may the peace of the lord Jesus Christ be with you amen

  5. Hang AOC, she is one sick, retarded, racist BI-CHand the Black B-TCH at McConnells house, another sick black racist, hang her to

  6. Не думал что на Ютубе так легко канал ламануть…

  7. I didn't subscribe on ameriCUNTs fake news. Get back old channel I was subscribed on

  8. Небось парнуху качал с авторитетных источников)

  9. Laura:

    You're a TERRIBLE host/moderator, as you do NOT "grill" guests when they spit their bs/stupidity!

    On the other hand, I'm 100% Mexican and I support President Trump's policies, especially immigration policies! Luis Miranda, Jorge Ramos/Enrique Acevedo (UNIVISION), DUMB" Lemon, " ZOMBIE," O'Rourke, Corey " BOOGER", " MANIQUIN" Julian Castro, "DEMENTED" Ocacio-Cortez, and so many others on the left, are the REASON why we need to have a stricter immigration system, as these people mentioned above are the epitome of LUNACY/STUPIDITY, and our country CANNOT afford to have more IDIOTS, especially IDIOTS trying to run for POTUS!

    And since Democrats have redefined the word racism, based on their ignorance of the english language, Ithen I'm a racist, and PROUD of it, because I DETEST "STUPIDITY/LOSERS", regardless of the person's skin color, or ethnic background—"IDIOTS/LOSERS" come in ALL shapes and colors!!!!

  10. ставим дизлайки пока не вернётся владелец канала ( поднимаем

  11. Слыш Гавно, канал на место вернул быстро. Свои новости у себя показывай.

  12. Что за ерень?!?!!? Миш, ты тут?!? Постебаться хочешь или взлом?!?!?!

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