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  1. I have a feeling these democrat candidates are nothing but show and pony, 5 months before election, michelle obama, or hillary will jump in he race….. and that's real scary.

  2. An embarrassment for the entire left and every decent person in this country that man is an embarrassment

  3. ask that dbl dip hate baiting pos what about deplorables and our clean straight shooting guns

  4. Leftists, always wrong but damn well pleased with themselves none the less.
    Liberalism is a mental illness and goes against human nature, attracting narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths.

  5. dead bodies on TV are ALWAYS covered or in body bags. never seen wearing a ventilator if dead
    Fake/staged pic?

  6. Loud mouth dumb ass gangsters enact vigilante justice because they are morons. So now it will be harder to root out the cancerous system that created Jeffry Epstein & his worldwide Mossad money laundering, blackmail, sex trafficking operations. Jeffry did not act alone but the elite scumbags want the dumbed down public to see it this way.

  7. Please do the story of the lawyer's client as Jason said he would. Sounds fascinating.

  8. This lady put thousands of men people in prison for marijuana and how much was her kickback?

  9. The FBI is going to look at every detail? That's what I was afraid of. Don't we want you the truth?

  10. New intro song for PREZ Hollies "HE"S MY BROTHER" Talk About UNITY PLZ share with PREZ PLZ Music Does Wonder AI

  11. 2020 " He'S My BROTHER " UNITY SONG 4 PREZ Total UNITY ! THNK GOD DJT He and his family DIDNOT Have to do this

  12. Shoot Democrat Politicians. They Have No Place In Washington. Useless Overpaid Corrupt POS Scum. Liars And Thieves.

  13. All come together and just help and love one another.There is to much hate from the left. The only way to fight it is be nice and see through the lies, and Vote these liars out.#WWG1 WGA MAGA, KAG,2020!

  14. New Rally Song NO MATTER COST 100% Winner HE"S MY BROTHER End this Race Shit with MUSIC TUDJTAI

  15. Why invite the guy on the right ,he is never respectful of other guest . He always try’s to over talk everyone and to be loud. Guess what that doesn’t make your point just because your loud and rude.

  16. The comment of The guy on the right should never be glossed over for him to say he liked it was a disgusting thing for any intelligent decent person to say. If it were a movie about killing loudmouths like him and I said I liked it he would call me a racist. THIS MOVIE IS POLITICAL it is intended to create hatred and people like him defending are just sickening. Don’t scream for the rights of one group then spit in the fac3 of others. That tells a lot about this loudmouths character. He’s a racist ,disgusting hate mongering pi— k.

  17. Trump supporters do not give a fuck , when we are call racist,or any phobic slander,im a Hispanic that is not supremacists white asshole, Trump for 8 more years. Trump is standing up for American.😱🇺🇸😱

  18. Go on, let the Democrats cry racist, "racist," "RACIST!" They'll water it down so much it won't mean anything anymore. Everyone's laughing at them, they are ridiculous!

  19. The only people who think Trump is a racist are those who listen to The MSM. I have heard President Trump talk a number of times and have never heard a racist comment come out of his mouth once. So what the…. are they talking about??? I would challenge anyone who believes this garbage to listen to Trump, and really see for yourselves that you are being lied to and taken for fools by the radical dems who want to destroy this country by dividing the US with this phony narrative. We finally have a president who cares about all US citizens regardless of color, nationality, sex or political standing. We could really be great if the people would just do some research on their own and stop listening to these crazed Media folks who have an agenda, and it's not about you and your well being. I have never seen such selfish childishness coming out of the democratic party as bad as this. No example there! Why don't they grow up and get some work done.

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