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  1. Katherine Timpe is Smart and Gorgeous and Awesome and Funny . ❤❤❤❤😁😁😁😁😎😎😎

  2. Frank Figliuzzi?
    What has he been smoking?
    I'll bet ot ain't tobacco!
    And, Brian Williams?
    FIVE Pinocchios for that clod!!

  3. The United States is bankrupt and the receivers of the bankruptcy are demanding that the United States disarm before they recover their assets. This is why we have these fake shootings.

  4. This is Joe Biden
    In 1990 He introduced the
    Gun-Free school zones act of 1990
    Since then, 92% of Large mass shootings
    Have happened in gun free zones.

  5. I love Tyrus ‘ common sense thoughts! I look forward to watching the show every week.

  6. This is hilarious 😂 I hope the democrats keep up their nonsense.Trump 2020

  7. Poorest cut ever. No wonder US NEWS TODAY has ZERO subscribers. How can there be so many comments? Copy Paste? Fake? What's going on?

  8. As usual, Russian bots having a hay day in comments. Suck up opinion hosts milking the propaganda machine ATM for all it’s worth. You are severely out numbered. Wise up while you still can. Trump is the biggest loser ever!

  9. Sorry I’m late Greg I had to dodge rapid gunfire through a flood while I incited hate and racism all the way home from work tonight.
    MAGA 🇱🇷

  10. Weird definitely demons I wish I could help but I am voting for Trump he is the messiah compared to those murderers!

  11. Thank God ~ N0 donna brazille . . .
    i get to stick around and
    watch 😃the show 😊

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