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  1. First it was the evil Russians not it is Russias arch enemy Germany…3-6-9 the goose drank wine….whoops Martian control.

  2. Wow. The left and the white supremacists think alike. I did Nazi that coming. Lol.

  3. Satan always imitates the things of God. The number 8 is a new beginning Noah his wife his Three Sons and his three daughter-in-laws.
    Joe Scarborough knows about hate crimes, how about that dead intern in his office.

  4. I hate Democrats, if you are a registered Democrat you are an idiot and have no ability to use reason.

  5. and this guy was a director of the FBI tells you all you need to know. A conspiracist theorist if ever their was. Bunch if fucking lunitics

  6. Well I'm not going to take The High Ground gear I'm going to take the direct ground ,I hope every evil thing they conspire comes through on them 10 x 10 x 10 until they're totally destroyed, and may this happen in any and all ways possible, may all evil be mirrored back to you 10 times 10 times 10 … and may your Destruction come upon you Swift with no reprieve … may your evil be turned upon you may it be turned upon itself and may it consume you totally , in your absolute destruction …

  7. The craziest part of all of this is that there are people on this Earth that are eating this up and walk around with their own version of how bad someone told them, how to feel about PRESIDENT TRUMP. You have to be able to see just how shot out y'all really are.

  8. As a Native American Indian…..i just found out I'm a natzi racist….. Holy @%&!

  9. The Deranged Democrats have properly choosen Iowa for their big show….Field of Dreams” was built on the century-old Lansing family farm in Dyersville, Iowa

  10. "The ignorance of the adversary" how is the president an adversary to the FBI

  11. "As chilling as that is to hear…" Yeah, it is chilling to hear that Figliuzzi was in the top tier of the FBI. Of course, Williams completely missed that. It's clearer every day that we're being bombarded with messages based on the understanding of absolute idiots. Resist!

  12. Biden's family should take pity on him. Senile and nursing home sound famila

  13. Trump: hey supporters, lets insight violence at rallies, and then publicly pretend that we didn't 🇺🇸

  14. Ignorance of the adversary…its haft staff on land..and half mast out at sea…just nuttz!

  15. Holy fn 💩💩💩!!!…what a fn idiot!!! Where do they get these morons!!! Oh yea…from the 💩💩 pile of democraps!!

  16. The only thing that's more fucked up than msnbc is morning jokes hair, hard part to the left,go figure

  17. The Democrats can say and do whatever they like to Republicans/conservatives simply because they know they are protected under a corrupt two-tiered justice system. The wimpish Republicans find it easier to play victim than to fight back

  18. The problem is,when we even have ANTIFA members attacking people for no reason,the cops stand down and many of those are using deadly weapons and never get arrested.So if they won't even stop them,how are they going to stop these mass shooters? It's not about stopping violence,it's about grabbing guns,period.

  19. The EL Paso shooter's profile was a leftist democrat,IT WAS THEN CHANGED TO SAY HE WAS A REPUBLICAN and after he was arrested,someone else posted that "manifesto".So these news casters don't know as much as we do about what's going on thanks to conservative investigators.

  20. Wow!!! They really are going crazy. That was the weakest, (and funniest), conspiracy theory I think I've ever heard. BTW… if the flags were flown at half mast until 8-8, ( H H ), then they would be raised to full mast again on 8-9, and they were. So mister leftest genius, what does your cereal box decoder ring say 8-9 stands for??? That's right kids, it stands for… "HI". Watching the nutty lib with the blinking eyes reminded me that I needed to take my meds. So good night all.

  21. It is all about diversion tactics. They have been in a downward spiral every since Mueller let them down.And to top it off The Names like Gov Bill Richardson US Ambassador and on Bill Clinton Cabinet Prince Philip were drop with the biggest bombshell of the Century with ties into Jeffrey Epstein Human trafficking and pedo ring. And not even 24 hours later Jeffrey Ids Dead under very mysterious circumstances at best.It is only going to get worse as the swamp continues to lose power.

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