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  1. I must say 5, what r y'all doing in this video? Where's waters, he would have at least matched Ms. Brazil's non sence. Btw does Ms. Plus soften her views because she has a separate show or like to play both sides? Strange…

  2. Man, this show is now a pain to watch. Of all liberals why pick Donna Brazil? Man she's hard to watch!

  3. If Ole Donna Brize is a permanent seat on the five….She is just as bad as Jaun….She is a liar and a sneak…Who gave questions for debate to old Hillary…..yes that great woman on FOX…..I'm turning it off if she is a regular…

  4. Brazile does not belong on The Five. Will Not watch Fox anymore. Traitor Donna !!!

  5. CRAP!!! Trowing up listening to B R A Z I L E "O GOD, I have a coupon" !!! Go BACK IN YOUR HOLE!

  6. Could you imagine if Trump slipped that same line, messed it up , could you imagine? Joe Biden will not make the nomination. Isn't it weird how quiet Cortez and Omar have been? Eerily quiet

  7. Can’t watch Donna. She cheated with Hillary, and lied about being in DC when Seth Rich was ‘taken out’.

  8. Brazile? The woman who helped Hillary cheat in the debates? I turned it off as soon as I heard her voice.

  9. I find it strange they were two mass shooting & now we got a movie name then hunt which also involves shooting. I'm starting to think this mass shootout was to promote this movie

  10. Donna Brazille gave Hillary the debate questions ahead of the debate. She cheated and was part of the group that was trying to cheat Trump out of the Presidency. WTH is Fox thinking??

  11. this comment ,sorry to say turns into a rant .😁 Democrats leaders in California don't want to kill rats except for Donna brazile. Democrats don't mind killing babies at 9 months in the womb. It's not your choice, it's not your body, got some sperm in there, that's somebody else's body in your body. I want my rights or my sperm back one of the two my right to decided that baby lives will get a third-party arbitrator but that ain't your body 100% get my sperm back b****. ain't your body it's all of our bodies yours mine and the little baby we made but y'all want to save the polar bears save the rats but the world's going to end in 12 years ??? you going to destroy everything in America including NFL NBA everything American or Christian, that's the main religion that gets smashed but that's all right go ahead and think we're weak, not weak just patient. Christian's got the land the cops the military the guns what really are you going to do? Stupid Democrat left leaders, you know you can't do anything until you take the guns . That's why you want them so bad. pieces of crap it's all your leaders are evil pieces of crap. Do you know what most atheist say on their deathbed? look that phenomenon up . there's bad people in every religion there's also Warriors in every religion keep thinking Christians are weaklings, keep thinking you're above us, you're on the losing side Good vs Evil the leftist leaders have turned into evil sadistic anarchists that can't really fight

  12. Blue or red pick a side No We simply don't need government at all Anywhere! Real socialism is real bs government always justify its own existence but we are able to live without them, the insane can phone a friend


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