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  1. I saw this movie in the 90's. It was so stupid that I forgot what it was called but the premise was pulling homeless off the street and putting them in a private forest where rich people hunted them. I think Sam Jackson played in it.

  2. Vegans, like Booker, deprive themselves of critical cholesterols that are essential for brain nourishment that ONLY come from animal fats. His persona absolutely verifies this study.

  3. This is bizzaro world clown shoes I whould never think America whould become what is is today pepole are so sensitive look to our grand parents and ther father and mother if u want inspiration not these stupid demonrats just allow President Trump to try to restore America to what makes this country the greatest in the world be grateful for what u have stop being pussfied

  4. AGAIN……..Donna Brazil is there. Good bye. Donna is just evil. Never trust her. She will bite.

  5. Republicans, grow some balls…..when you get punched, punch back harder. Follow Trumps lead.

  6. Get rid of that crook Donna Brazielle.  She'll never condemn the Leftists behavior even if they are caught on video committing murder . Fox is going down hill with people like her and Juan!

  7. This is turning into a crazy world. The politics are great, true. Trump has done a super job.

  8. I don't agree with Brazil's politics but she is a breath of fresh air compared to Juan.

  9. I'm waiting for the five to discuss the about to be released Universal/Comcast movie called "The Hunt." Talk about gratuitous hate. Nobody does it better than Hollywood Jews.

  10. Donna Brazil sprouts complete rubbish and is in love with the sound of her own voice, makes the five unwatchable listening to her inanities

  11. Odd that releasing medical information is prohibited and illegal per HIPPA. Why is releasing any other personal information also not illegal? There should huge consequences for a release like Target, Equifax or CapOne.

  12. Get informed before you fools cover climate change. Summary:
    The supply of climate change knowledge is biased towards richer countries — those that pollute the most and are least vulnerable to climate change – and skewed away from the poorer, fragile and more vulnerable regions of the world. That creates a global imbalance between the countries in need of knowledge and those that build it. This could have implications for the quality of the political decisions countries and regions make to prevent and adapt to climate change, warn experts.

  13. Be grateful Juan foolishness is not on the panel. They must have democrats opinion for debate. Silly comments.

  14. More murders. More child separations. It's the cruelty that appeals to Trump and his supporters. They relish being mean. Very Naziesque. Sadists. Really sick, evil people.

  15. Bernie's promise to out the aliens will surely get him nominated, then elected. Forget the socialism, go for the Single Issue Voters.

  16. The problem is not Trump's tweets, but how the media translates them. Plus the media is God when assigning motivations to Trump. they know exactly what he was thinking when he tweeted and exactly what motivated him. They may not know many other things but they sure know Trump's reasoning and motivations. I thought only God could read minds. If the media were fair and truthful when reporting on Trump, he would not have to tweet. We would not know many of the things he has done to help our nation, if he did not tweet! Keep tweeting Trump and keep us informed!

  17. This woman Donna Brazil is not intelligent or eloquent at all; did not move my meter. Why do you even have her there? she has nothing to contribute. Fox please let her go. She is occupying space- find another person.

  18. I was going to listen but then I saw Donna Brazile's face and I couldn't do it. Juan Williams is tough enough to stomach as it is. Who is next to join the show, Jeremiah Wright?

  19. Donna Brazille is TOO DULL, and she's ruining the witty, quick-tempo-ed style of the show. The idiot management had brought in Donna to KILL THE FIVE.

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