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  1. The democratic candidate that will face President Trump in 2020 has yet to throw their hat in the ring. Dems know they have to come up with something better.

  2. I wonder how many ludes Greg had to take to dumb his brain down for this episode. His confected lack of emotion and insight in relation to Epstein is totally unlike him, his whole disposition said ‘get this over with before I say something stupid’. His monologue was insipid and absent of any good points then he used his platform as the intellectual leader of the group to steer the conversation towards (da dada da da) our lack of care for the prison life.
    Ok Greg is smart and has conviction aplenty but my guess is he’s been given strict instructions to not mention QANON and that Epstein is a huge theme of this incredible intel drop and community of truth seekers has given him very cold feet. More likely, he follows the movement and doesn’t want to jeopardise it and is following the rules of soft disclosure. Its just obvious when Greg is acting and on the leash. He has this little boyish act he puts on and is very well mannered, like a kid at his best friends house being oh so nice to mum. Ahahahaha WWG1WGA

  3. Notice carefully: j.o.e. Biden in his sentences, does not enunciate the last words in his sentence(s). That's not a g.a.f.e. (ga.f.f.) That is moron.o.r.y. He's a d.u.m.b. d.o.p.e. who s.u.c.k.s. as a politician and has only learned key campaigning l.i.n.g.o. to get- by …by the skin of his nice idiot teeth. He is as d.u.m.b. as the k.n.o.b. of my ______.

  4. If Biden is the best the Obstructionist Democraps have to offer its 4 more years for MAGA. Trump 2020.

  5. I'll tell you how Epstein made some of his money. He blackmailed the pervs that he serviced with under age girls and boys. That alone is likely into the billions.

  6. Fox got smart and lost Donna Brazil..
    She wont help their ratings

  7. Ok first off it was not a prison, the guy wasn't even convicted yet . He was in a county jail awaiting trial, a jail is alot different then a prison so I don't know why they keep calling it that. Get your shit straight people.

  8. It is completely normal to have had dozens, possibly over 100, associates or people with knowledge about to give testimony, all commit suicide. This includes one guy who shot himself twice in the head, Vince W. Foster shot himself in the head and managed to have no blood splatter where found. Meanwhile, Hillary and her aids work throughout the night into morning to clear out Fosters office of all material involving the Clintons the night before his body was discovered. Completely normal. Like Seth Rich, democrat emails leaked to wikileaks and Seth Rich gets shot in back and has absolute nothing taken from in a "robbery". How many robberies have you ever heard of the robber shooting someone in the back and then take nothing?

  9. Fuck Epstein glad this bastard pervert is dead,now this rich bastard can pay his victims,who gives a shit how he died, he would have been killed in prison any way so the hell with this coward, rapist, punk

  10. sorry Greg had to cut your show Juan Williams is enough to make a Billy Goat Puke

  11. these laim ass excuses about overtime, or short of staff this is strait up hit for money and protection of high status gov. and hollywood

  12. Ever notice how Juan raises his eyebrows and blinks his eyes when one of the other members blasts him with actual facts? It's as if he's getting sprayed with the truth.

  13. Furthermore, “word in the back alleys” is that Serene Gregg, president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 3148, who is extensively quoted in the attached article, was the recent recipient of a $6M apartment in Beijing of all places,
    and J. David Cox Sr.—President of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE)—who had purchased for him a $20 million 7 room luxury villa in Shanghai-China
    Additionally, HSBC Uruguay is said to have received $100M from Clinton-related entities on Aug 3, and transferred $50M to their HSBC China branch immediately thereafter. Why Uruguay, well there’s a whole bunch of info floating around about that too, and linked to China.

    Sure, this info smacks as a conspiracy theory, but whilst most are probably not surprised that Epstein has been ‘suicided’, given his notoriety and the circumstances of under-manned correctional staff in the attached article, it doesn’t pass the smell test in my opinion so deserves closer observation.


  15. FOX please contact me on how you got the wrong narrative at or around the 3:00 min. part of this clip.

  16. Well, Juan, why don't you do a body count on the people who turned up dead who were associated with the Clintons ??   Once is an accident, 2 is a trend, 8 is…well… damning.

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