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  1. All the Dem's have is fear, and outrage to try and get votes. It's sad.

  2. Here we go again playing the race card i still wouldnt vote for these fool Fidel Castro

  3. sorry but I see donna brazille sitting there so I have the change the channel

  4. Those Castro thugs came to the USA and brought all their sh*th*le place's thuggery to the USA! That is why whom we let in matter! Stop letting in people who want to subvert your country.

  5. I wish the four had the guts to say what we are all thinking with number five.

  6. Would someone like to talk about seth rich? I will not stop. That guy was murdered. Just like the pedophile Epstein. Which in his case couldn't have happened to a better guy. But rich? His only fault was he supported crazy Berne. They killed these ppl.

  7. When did the five become sjw trash?where is jessie and juan?i can not watch this show with the 3 new people…….rip the five.

  8. A normal person is not going to seek out this information and for a politician makes this information easy to see ths is outside of their responsibilities cut this shit out.😡

  9. Why is she there!!!!!!
    She cheated with questions
    Wont watch it!!!!! B

  10. All democrats are utterly unlikable. Why do voters still support Democrats after all the crap they got caught doing? Voting for a democrat is supporting criminal and amoral behaviour. If you were caught red handed destroying harmful, incriminating evidence would you get a pass because you’re above the law just like Hilary? If you helped a brother hide from the authorities would you be charged with aiding and abetting or would you be given a stay out of jail card? Families, friends and strangers of victims don’t deserve hearing the crap the media says. Just reporting biased opinions isn’t news. Clearly Not News. Losing voters is the karma Mrs. Hilary Rotten She-devil deserves.
    Ahahaha she spied and still got busted just like Nixon. WOW, they heard absolutely nothing bad.
    Switch Trumps name with Hilarys and see what really happened. Guilty guilty guilty…………….

  11. Democrats Joaquin Castro is a IMBECILE man, putting REPUBLICANS DONOR'S life ENDANGER.?

  12. fox better get WOKE..
    or go broke..
    you have a traitor on panel.

  13. OOps Donna Brazile is on, guess i wont be watching this episode. Fuck off Fox.

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