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  1. Люди не стафте дизы не портите статистику Мише

  2. dana is a pedophile who loves trump for hi child sex rings at the us borders. dana has kids in kennels herself.

  3. Bollock's , silicone vally have been doing all they can to get into our live's , since they started !!!

  4. Лучше рил не ставить дизы, просто ждем когда мише вернут акк

  5. It seems that the socialist has cross the line by Interfering in the 2020 election by tweeting Political donors of candidates. This should be investigate this.

  6. Warning ! Due to the Socialist Democratic party RELEASING donor names to a political campaign party AND Labeling them as RACIST and White Supremacy and ENDAGERING their Businesses and Family has put fear in the freedom of voting and violating rights of the American people, DO NOT DONATE to ANY Political PARTY due to threats on you, your Business and Family.

  7. Richard Fowler is a bigoted and biased weirdo and Joe Biden is a decaying fool.

  8. Bil DeBlasio sucked in his own 3rd World Black Hole in the Internet era.

  9. There are too many illegal guns on the streets, we can never confiscate all fire arms! The criminals would have a field day if we lost our weapons. If the government confiscate weapons, I'm buying an illegal one!

  10. When is this crap going to stop? Unfortunately it isn't going to. The libs have opened the flood gates and there is no stopping them. They have gotten so bad, what's next? They have not only went into high gear to get Trump. Now they are after his supporters. They have done everything under the sun verbally and Trump is still here. The next step will probably be physical violence. It's a long time until 2020 and they are just getting started. What gets me is how they get away with all the stunts they pull. I think if there was some way to stop this Insanity, no one would try to stop it cause then they are on their hit list. This is getting really scary.

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