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  1. Dana covered for G.W.'s games of war, she's just as bad as govt. criminals of 9/11.

  2. Stop talking and start with Bill Clinton and then his casual wife — action !

  3. How long will it be before Democrats and the Fake News Networks start blaming Epstein's death on Trump?

  4. I know he was released from suicide watch, probably charming the mental health professional.
    Knowing how understaffed they are I can see this happening.
    I grieve for the victims that will continue to be assaulted because the perpetrators names died with this pimp.

  5. It's not an anti- imigrant policy. It's an anti illegal migration policy. Why are people so unable to understand why this? We are all sick of it. And those of us who pay the taxes to this United States of America are not going to pay for benefits for illegal immigrants when we do not help our own homeless and poor.

  6. It was definitely suicide! because there was no one there to see him get murdered.

  7. Smooch/pooch? is a complete and utter [DS] plant. Looking at life to lethal injections due to his friendship with Epstein I am guessing. He was absolutely panicked on a BBC radio report earlier today — they indulged him as befits their propaganda status.
    Thank Q.

  8. Epstein = The secret died with him. .. bye bye secrets!! hahaha!! .. no more secret!!!!!!

  9. Oh yeah the simplest answer is the most best one yeah I'm sure, occoms razor is mainstream media bullshit

  10. The fact that you can get Eagle Scout now by crocheting blankets says a lot about how far we have fallen. Can you get a Majors rank in the army by collecting recyclables now?

  11. Wonder how he got it through the mail I got dam vitiams and they opened the dam package it came in and take back. Huh

  12. People are starting to ask questions this stinks as bad as weapons of mass destruction, 9/11, Russia Russia, and global Warming they are all fake news

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