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  2. The Clintons ran one of the biggest drug operations in Arkansas with Barry Seal and are in on sex trafficking with Epstein. Everyone that has opposed the Clintons is murdered and Epstein is just another one and we all know the Clintons did it.

  3. This guy, shep, is a moron and a pos! 💩 Belongs in the MSM toilet! Proof that Fox is as corrupt as the rest! Surprised they even let Hannity and his contributors share the truth!
    Just sayin….😁

  4. Everyone relax the FBI is on Epstine's death case !!!

    I'm sure they will do better than they did with the Clinton emails, and Russia collusion !

    And worry not folks,
    the police are here for your safety!
    They exist to provide us safety and security, be it in public or jail !

    This proves that officials are the liability !
    And so getting pulled over is putting your life in jeopardy !

  5. Jack you're lying, Sandusky was on watch for over a year, there is no way Epstein killed himself, and I'd like to know why you're spinning this as normal, jack, what's in this for you to act like this is normal, who are you protecting…

  6. No it's not a surprise since Epstein had dirt on a lot of High powered People!! Anytime that anybody has dirt on The Top people they commit suicide, they want their dirt secrets out!!

  7. The investigation has just begun but Barr is already attacking Manhattan CC. Top cop in America has showed his hand. Like Trump he's weak. He's up to his neck in this.

  8. Jeffrey boy will you go against the Clintons . Jeffrey boy will you go against the prince.? Jeffrey boy will you go against Alan Dershowitz? Jeffrey will you go against almost the entire Democratic party? well let's think with the ones you just named off I might just need to be gotten out of here stuck in some kind of protective custody don't you think?

  9. Alive…doubtful. Murdered, obviously. Epstein will not be missed…except by his body-guards, lawyers and other assorted reprobates….on his Payroll.

  10. Smith is part of Fox Fake News, wish I could give a million thumbs down, best I can do is stop watching.

  11. Very happy that the Clintons are receiving bad publicity. The Clinton body count definitely needs to be examined. Saying that I believe the person or persons responsible for Epstein’s death is someone not being publicly mentioned yet. I think it’s very important for the media to expose all relevant people involved with Epstein. We only hear about less than 10 people. The public knows it’s in the 100’s.

  12. People are calling this the least suspicious sequence of events in world history.

  13. shep you forgot to mention guards warden doctor psychiatrist mayor of new york and all democrats

  14. This guy smith needs to be fired from fox news. But they won't because they are corrupted, too.

  15. Its time we show up with 1million strong and demand they show us ebstiens body and all fisa docs and lets all start planning a march on the Whitehouse we need to show up 1million strong its time for action we are being played our gov is unredeamably corrupt they are lieing

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