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  1. If these people are not severely punished for their crimes, I have lost all hope in America and our justice system….and my family has been here for 12 generations.

  2. Hollywood — the crowd that put the art in ARTIFICE. Not a dime from me!

  3. TRAMP is a fake dumbass,SDNY has his bank records ( real news) go to jail racist pervert pig Tramp,big black bubba is waiting waiting for you and your dumbass idiot sons now his dumbass wife can go get some big d,,ky she has had none for 2 yrs (stormy Daniels on her mind) how funny the whole world (world) knows he was fu,,ing stormy Daniels while she was giving birth to a Walmart greeter funny as hell, racist pig

  4. Go ahead and shoe-horn your candidates into passing for human, Dems, but for President?  No way!

  5. Department of Homeland Security was created to improve communication and cooperation between agencies.  Right?

  6. Dan Thank you for fighting for Conservatives. Big Tech censorship is Socialism . They want to shut the AMERICANS up.! Fight for freedom [f speech..

  7. It's ok. Can Dan We will just stop going to the movies or even watching them. We the people will stop them. Shame on Hollywood .

  8. And yet nothing ever gets done. A testament to the level of corruption that exists within this country.

  9. Trump wins and all the lefts shenanigans and crookedness are lay bare for all to see. This is the face of the left and why they must never be given power of the presidency. Finally, a president I'm actually proud of.

  10. Hollywood leftists, Democrats, MSM and shooters all have one thing in common, total lack of empathy, they are anti-golden-rule.  When the worst happens to anyone who isn't them, they couldn’t care less.  In fact, they find it entertaining.

  11. Hannity should ask Trump why his company hires undocumented workers but is supporting a raid in Mississippi? Ask him why using children to set an example is ok? Do they not matter because their skin color isn't white? Ask him why they released half already so basically it was a huge waste of money anyways! All these children had no where to go and they said "we are law enforcement not welfare"…….. Are you kidding me!?? A child is a child they did nothing wrong they didn't ask to be here. Fuck you FOX NEWS bunch of liars tell the truth for once and FUCK TRUMP TOO!

  12. I did see a movie quite awhile ago where hunters were taking people to their ranches or whatever with the people
    Thinking they were going to participate with them hunting not to be the hunted!! Anyway. It ends up with the hunters getting killed by the hunters ted..great ended

  13. Hollywood's been agitating the decency and morals of Americans for a long time they are number one in decay of decent moral living

  14. we are disgusting gun violence in America Hollywood is agitating the situation as usual no good herbs good for nothing devil worshipping pedofilic pieces of garbage there is no stars in Hollywood only comet's of shitt

  15. unbelievable the stupidity of people believing Democrats are going to be their savior

  16. protesters were threatening. Why werent they arrested. A drunk can piss on the sidewalk around here and they get arrested. Why were these people allowed to disrupt all people on that street. Looks double standard. Yep backfire sounds right. I agree with the young lady. Its time the news stop patronizing Dems and call the Jerks_= Jerks and liers

  17. Hey …First Lady Hannny…Old Fat Donnie was sweating like an overweight PIG today, guess he was thinking about all his financial records getting turned over by his banks to the state DA…..looks like its time to measure him for some ORANGE coveralls..lol….These idiots who replaced you tday are even stupider than you……GO SUCK A RUSSIAN COCK….

  18. What is the name of this movie???? You have been cut out on several parts- please rewatch and fill in the blanks. Blessings

  19. ►Someone who scratches their Nads all day is called a Nadler. (Thanks to Righteous Indignation)

  20. Just like the tragedy, the impeachment is no more than a Fund raising scam for the democRats.This is a attempted regime change.Leading the charge is MSM

  21. Good work Dan, I’ve never understood those on the left who go under the label of liberals, you won’t meet a bigger bunch of self serving, righteousness, hypocrites anywhere! Hollywood celebrities, we don’t need you!

  22. US News Today cuts off the end of the program …….gee let me make sure not to watch this presenter again.
    Waiting to watch the broadcast of Bongino in for Hannity here in CA in just a bit at 10:00 pm…..

  23. Just a few years ago Hollywood is known for their extreme Racism remember the Oscar White out protest against them? Now all the sudden they are the authority of hunting out racism? Maybe Hollywood and the DemoncRats need to work on their own bigotry before falsely pointing fingers at the rest of America

  24. I bet the Conservative kill them all at the end and it will be a female conservative at the end that walks away

  25. cast down imaginations and bring every thought into captivity unto the obedience of Christ

  26. Trump behind bars…..Genuine Christians by the tens of millions are praying to the Lord for that glorious day

  27. Hollywood Libtards give us shit about guns and the second amendment ,,,,,,,,makes movie based on hunting conservatives?

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