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  1. Hilary and Bill are ABOVE the law; it's despicable, but that is how it is! They both have committed crimes, but they live in the "fetid and festering swamp!" They always slither away — escaping all due punishment — like the reptilian creatures that they are!

  2. Sean Hannity America loves you.
    But please get off the booze if you're gonna do a show.
    I'll still watch tho

  3. Thank you Tom Fitton & Sean Hannity for working to expose these traitors. Please, never give up!

  4. Sorry Sean,
    despite the overwhelming evidence of criminal activities we decline to prosecute.
    The criminals you speak of are far too corrupt to prosecute.
    Thank you🙊🙉😎

  5. A wise man once told me "PRIDE …PRIDE WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL. IT HAS BEEN PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN IN HISTORY". God Bless President Trump and God Bless the United States of America. God Bless America's Patriots. 🇺🇸🕊

  6. Finally it' mostly all out!! Ok Dems , now eat all of your words! Who lied, was it The Clintons, Loretta Lynch, State Dept
    F B I, Obama , Mc Cabe, Comey, all coming out! Good night for this news from the best Fox News! Sorry Dems !

  7. Sean, please STFU, let your guests speak, if very frustrating for us viewers to get this all straight on the other sided of your monitor. AND WELL DONE, on this reporting.

  8. Hannity, come on man they all knew the dossier was fake and they all knew the Russia allegations were made up. They were all out to get Trump, end of story…"CORRUPTION" thank you Donald Trump for exposing these people.

  9. Hannity. I can't listen. Right or wrong you annoy the crap out me.. your correct but i can guess every word out of your mouth. Tired of you.

  10. Yeah yeah yeah. We all know the deal but Comey McCabe and the rest of them are laughing. The know nothing will come of it. We all need to just move on.

  11. FOX continues to lie to the People. Russia has nothing to do with this and they know it. Bill Browder is a con man — anti Trumper thug that is behind the TT meeting lies & Magnitsky Act lie. FCK you, FOX.

  12. Notice how Sean says “Russia seems to have wanted Hillary!” LIES!! NO EVIDENCE RUSSIA EVEN ATTEMPTED TO MEDDLE. Hannity can kiss my a ss

  13. these people weren't acting independently….all roads lead to the white house! until that curiosity (of course through evidence)
    is satisfied, we will NEVER get to the bottom of this?

  14. "Be safe out there!" That's the new call for American patriots to ignore anything the current president says or does and to look out for themselves because it sure ain't gonna come from this White House.

  15. Shaun, we want to hear your guests complete a sentence. Why do you need guests if you are going to answer most of your own questions?

  16. If these people escape justice, America is over. No one should have faith in our justice system.

  17. barry, hilly, we are coming for your crimal, traitorous asses. take it to the bank.


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