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  1. Deblazio doesnt care. Heroin has already worked itz magic on our largest cities after crack left.

  2. But I can atleast say that he has a democrat on. I dont agree with his ideas but I think we need honest dialogue.

  3. A waste of time, it is like arguing with a closed minded fool, you do not get very far. I agree with 455, he is evil.

  4. Bully is a sociopathic psychopath ……. Not worth the air he breathes. Waste of time to listen to the idiot.

  5. Frankly: Pointless interview. These political hacks never have and never will answer a straight question. Next topic please…

  6. This putz is a complete side stepping con man . Would not answer a single question talk all around them but no real answers.

  7. Well this was pointless. Not even a good try. We learned nothing we didn't already know. Id rather hear hanni bang on with the same redundant drivel night after night than this

  8. I am going to vomit if I hear the rich are getting richer one more time…I want to know how politicians go to DC and come home millionaires…doing nothing for anybody.

  9. I think I'm catching on here. Sean is interviewing DEBOZIO as fodder for the others. Everyone knows he had no chance so Sean can be nice to him. It's stink bait for the other candidates — BRILLIANT. But, I think I'll clean up the kitchen — see you tomorrow.

  10. Smug mug, smirks and hand on hip….he has practiced the poses…he is a bully and he does that poking fingers in face nonsense. Desperate to dominate and control the conversation AND the space. It is an intimidation ploy. My reaction is…grab the damn fingers and bend them way back if they come too close to my face…my eyes. What a poser. Go away and write a phony book.

  11. The interview of that clown was nothing more than him sucking up oxygen and posing. There is no discourse with this clown he is a manipulator and a bully.

  12. Shit for brains , when you start leaving your front door open for anyone that likes to walk in, we will stop building the wall, hows that , lol fucking clown get ta fuck out of here , sleaze bag

  13. all illegals OUT …. ! This is a crime , invasion and screws the lives of millions hard working citizens in this country . Companies have to be penalized heavily if they EVER hire illegal

  14. I dont know what Hanninty thinks he can achieve by having an asswipe like this on his show , waste of every ones time

  15. asswipe politician criminals dont need back round checks to get a guy, you stupid fucking moron, i can get an elligal gun 24/7 in any city in the United states lol stupid mother fucker ,the criminals dont follow rules and regulation ,they have a under ground black market for anything they need , they can get a fucking bazuka if they want one lol

  16. Hannity, let him speak. You don't have to talk over each other. Put your peckers away and let him speak!

  17. When it comes to firearms, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Which is why the federal government needs to uphold their oath to defend the constitution. This bozo saying that people in NYC do not have the right to defend their homes with a firearm is outside his mind. I cant think of a single reason that someone would need an assault rifle in a large closed in city like NYC. It wouldnt be practical. But its not for me to say what kind of firearm they may have, nor is it this idiots place either.

  18. Wow Bill you are a piece of shit dude do the world a favor don't run for president stick to fucking your state up we don't want you

  19. That mayor is looney tunes! I’ve never heard a gun threaten ANY officer or civilian. I’ve never heard a gun talk yet.


  21. He doesn't answer any questions and then tells the interviewer he won't answer the question… One of those Smug, arrogant, corrupt leftist, new yorkers.. The worst kind

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