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  1. So its an established fact that… Twitter , Instagram, and such are a Political Platforms, and not simply Social Media for all U.S. Citizens . Twitter then operates for the corporations own interest and not for the U. S. public at large unless someone agrees to censored speech or agrees with the political views of the corporate heads etc of Twitter, Instagram and so on.So either directly or indirectly Twitter , Instagram, and the like are Political Action Committees or [functioning as such] and not bound by laws pertaining to Public Platforms? My…, such a legal wrangling mess .

  2. The Democrats better watch what they say we do have a constitutional right the right to bear arms and if they're not careful people are going to finally wake up and see that these Democrats are brainwashing them they're going to take all our rights away just like the red flag I'm not a gun owner but the way I see it is that a neighbor could be mad at you or pissed off at you and report to as going cuckoo or whatever it is and they can come in and take their guns away this is so unconstitutional people wake up before it's too late these Democrats are going to take all our rights away vote Trump in 2020

  3. Calling ALL whites RACIST and provoking violence against whites and anyone who support Trump WILL bring VIOLENCE or worst CIVIL . Americans WILL NOT put up with Socialist Democrats war on Americans.

  4. if the president did not have twitter to reach people, the dishonest media would have overwhelming control over the narrative. it’s grossly unbalanced as cnn and it’s sister stations have the monopoly of channels on televisions in our living rooms, as well as public settings as restaurants, coffee shops, they’re everywhere, even airports. why aren’t these public media broadcast stations shared?

  5. Always more laws for the American people because many Americans are brainwashed sheep even trump is completely wrong on the 2nd amendment

  6. thank you to this journalist who called out (roger fisk?) for his contradiction. he CANNOT refrain from democrat hate speech!

  7. I promise you nobody including the president will take my 2nd amendment rights but over my dead body I’m a constitutional conservative FREE American and WILL continue to be until they bury me

  8. Sick people huh???? Well in today's society you are considered sick for not liking abortion, or the sexualization of children, or hate calling actual criminals/murderers good keeyds, Trump's base is as brain dead as the left, can't even see what's really going on…

  9. FOX has become just another one of the FAKE NEWS mainstream media! How fucking sad is that? DemonRat's infiltrate and destroy EVERY dissenting opinion… The only comparisons I can think of are these, NAZI'S (Hitler), SOVIETS (Stalin) and COMMUNIST CHINA (Mao). And how did that work for their citizenry? Anyone? Anyone? I didn't think so. The Point is, BEWARE THE DEMONRAT'S, fore they are the bringers of COMMUNISM via the false flag of SOCIALISM. Also Remember, those that do not learn from blatantly literal history are DOOMED to repeat that history…
    All of the NPC DemonRat's and their highly biased Liberal Leftist DemonRatic lap dogs aka Mainstream FAKE NEWS Media, U-Tube, Facebook, Twitter, along with all other "social" media have and continue to censor not only conservatives, but also any and all that dare to speak against the DemonRatic, "Socialistic/Communistic one world, open border agenda. They truly are Satan's bitches. Along with all of the third worlds violent INVADING hoards and not to mention the millions of lecherous illeagal's from South of the border that the DemonRat's are constantly forcing down our throats and then they expect the U.S. taxpayers to pay these INVADING hoards and illeagal's way!!! Why you may ask? More Illeagal votes to prop up their massive election/voter fraud efforts. And the kicker is that the DemonRat's continuously try to disarm the American People (Law abiding citizens) so that we will have no way to defend ourselves from their "imports" if need be. DemonRat's have demonstrated that they are pure evil and care more about illeagal's and invading migrants than they do about the American People. But hey, if your a Christian or Jewish then you're fair game as far as being persecuted and or massacred by the satanistic mossleem's, Latinos MS 13, the DemonRat's SS/Gestapo aka antifa or any other DemonRaticlly protected group. And you'll never hear about it from the DemonRaticlly leftist mainstream FAKE NEWS media! Typical DemonRat's!!!
    Massive election fraud committed by the DemonRat's? Go figure eh? Illeagal voters are in every State, especially DemonRatic controlled states. Voter ID that denotes citizenship and eligibility must be required now!!!
    Wow! It's absolutely disgusting that illeagal's and invading hoards of so called "refugee's" can get their existence basically paid for by taxpayers, yet actual citizens of the United States can't get help that they desperately need. Cut off all aid to illeagal's and the DemonRat's self entitled special imports aka "mosleems" and help our own citizens first. Until then, we should have no funds available to ANY non citizens. It is WAY past time to think of our own people first and then we can think of helping legitimate immigrants, and not illeagal's or DemonRatic "special imports".
    The DemonRat's will continuously try to disarm the American People (Law abiding citizens) so that we will have no way to defend ourselves against the DemonRat's and their pet illeagal voters. These Invading hoards from the middle east and eastern Africa along with the seemingly endless stream of illegal aliens from beyond our southern border, and are known for criminal acts along with violent behavior. Yet these are the DemonRat's special "imports" and the DemonRat's don't want us to be able to posess adequate firearms to defend ourselves against their "Special Imports" if need be. But mainly the DemonRat's are desperate to ban firearms and to disarm the law abiding citizens by any and all means. Because as the DemonRat's all know, an adequately armed populace will not get into the boxcars willingly. I'm also curious as to how these DemonRat's plan on disarming the criminal element? What am I saying, they've never had a plan to do that. LOL
    The DemonRat's have consistently demonstrated that they are pure evil and the American People mean Absolutely nothing to them. With the DemonRat's, it's not really about gun control, it's just about control. They (The DEMONRAT'S) really need to learn the meaning of the words "Shall Not Be Infringed". God Bless Our Constitution!!! And May God Bless America!!!
    And Always Remember, the Second Amendment is the most important amendment. As all of the other amendments could never be guaranteed without the Second Amendments teeth.

  10. There is no 'however' when it comes to 2nd Amendment. Don't give libs an inch.


    GROW da'…F%%%K UP KIDS!!!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️!!!

  12. Twitter needs to be gone. Start something better that lets people express themselves as long as it isn't violent against another person or persons.

  13. Yes New Platform make it so there can be no anonymous users you can still have an handle but when you sign up you need a verifiable name and address so if you threaten sum one you can not hide

  14. What about the outrage over 14 Americans per day being killed by illegal aliens? 26 Million of them inside our Republics borders, this number will only grow. Where is your non-stop reporting on this story that's 5,475 Americans dead each year at the hands of illegal aliens. You should run the numbers as it now seems to be all about the numbers, some Islamic low life kills 14 people in California and there was no outrage from the left, how about the number of black youth killed each and every weekend in our major inner cities, Chicago and Baltimore had equal numbers of people shot as Dayton and El Paseo, except that happens every weekend in these cities, last week one of Chicago's largest hospitals stopped receiving gun shot victims because the ER was over run, they had to send them to another hospital, was there a mass shooting in Chicago? No, that was just a standard weekend in the hood, this happens every weekend and the news media does not bother to cover it because it is just black gang bangers shooting each other up, sorry to inform you but these scumbags miss more than they hit and there is a lot of collateral damage. The MSM needs to stop with this constant finger pointing at POTUS Trump for everything that happens in America and start reporting the news equally.

  15. Funny how a Hispanic knife wielding killer kill 4 and injuring 2 and all we hear from the MSM is crickets… i guess it doesn’t fit the Demon-Rats narrative, also crickets when Chicago weekend kills almost as many as in El Paso and Dayton Ohio….

  16. Time to reshuffle the deck and pick some new Demon-Rat candidate, the 20 or so have lost all objectivity and have committed political suicide…

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