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  1. the Democrats are using a soft Mexican cartel tactic when they don't get their way they will step it up 2 beating up Trump supporters again like last time. Let's landslide this election in Trump's favor. USA = Trump 2020.

  2. Some of these Democrats are pieces of s*** aren't they! You'll never win an election being douchebags! What do you think happened in 2016 idiots!

  3. Nice move, Castro Bros!
    Just nuked Julian's Reelection bid.
    At least than 1%, he had Zero Chance to even debate next month.
    I.Q. 200+ Strategy!

  4. Youtube & Fox HAVE BECOME SO fucked up today that I'm turning this horse shit OFF! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME for a normal thinking person FACT! I'M OUT, SEEYA! BITCHUTE, Here I come! At Least they DON'T Censor their content FACT!

  5. White Nationalists are not ashamed of their political agenda & use every chance to spew their hatred known.
    There is no such thing as Closet Supremacist.

  6. Americans will fight everyday against bigotry and racism like what the Castros spew everyday especially at the ballot box. This is what Dems do. Under handed, bottom of the barrel type of moves that only a soulless reprobate can do. Hope it all comes back to him with interests.


  8. The operators of this chicken plant should be prosecuted.
    Both Tyson & Hudson use legal they sponsor from Texas Border Communities.
    Yeas, it's cold. Been there.

  9. castro and his brother what a pair of inbreed scumbag racist investigate them both bet they would be convicted of corruption and could share a cell with the other demorats

  10. I would donate to Trump now, if any of these snowflakes wants to boycott me, be prepared for I will not be threatened by scumbags…

  11. i carry a weapon and always know when in danger the cops are only minutes away and i support the cops but they can only do so much so i will not be surrendering my guns any time in my life get use to it

  12. Nutshell me. Democrats are burdened by Socialism & Republicans are burdened by White Nationalists.
    This is the "mud" that sticks.

  13. We fought Castro brother from Cuba and we have to fight Castro brothers in our own home land VOTE THE COMMIES OUT, the democrats are just a TROJAN HORSE to socialize our country.

  14. You know, the thing about this monetized youtube pirate, I can post as many times as I want & in 2 or 3 days, youtube will erase this account, yet miraculously, he will carry his thousands of followers with him. How???

  15. Funny thing. Democrats keep barking & growling at Trump, yet lose no chance to chew on each other's legs.

  16. There is a huge difference with calling someone "low energy Jeb" or " sleepy Joe" and calling someone a racist or Russian spy.

  17. This Attack on Soul Cycle & Equinox is the same tactic that worked so well for Chick Fil-A.
    The lines still strong!

  18. Wth did they think would happened? Just another example of liberals not being very bright🤷‍♂️

  19. Thatll be the last time trump ever mentions the castro brothers and its gonna drive them crazy. That's just one way he messes with these peoples heads and all critical thinking goes out the window and then they just start saying stupid shit😂🤣

  20. Castro should be charged he is the most disgusting pos this is a new low very low what an asshole…yeah it was your intention you mate are the one that’s putting hate out there you and your hateful democrats bunch of unhinged assholes
    They might not have evidence of a phone call about her son but the phone company if made will have..

  21. All these insane accusations are going to get more conservatives to the polls than have ever been there before.
    If you want to live in a free country better get out and vote these communist out of office.
    Bye & good ridance dem party

  22. can't say anything on Twitter. supported Trump and got message I didn't agree with they're bullshit.

  23. My god it pisses me off when these people say"white nationalist" I'm white I love my country and I care about my fellow americans. Not just white people but all americans. By definition I am a proud nationalist it just so happens I'm white.

  24. Not interested in what Castro has to say. His actions are not well thought out.

  25. By posting the people that donated to the Trump campaign, the Castro brothers broke the law and should be held accountable for it. By posting that information to the public to get people to lash out at these supporters of the President, they did what is called "Doxing" and that is against the law. I would like to know why no one is bringing that up on main stream media. I didn't know what Doxing was either until I looked it up and it is a very bad dirty political trick. But both of them being Democrats, no one will ever call them out on it. Oh, yeah, and Mr. Castro said it was not his intent for people to go after the people on his list. Well that tells me he is either stupid or a liar. Either way I don't want the Castro family running my country.

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