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  1. Remember seth rich..did the coroner in his case suddenly die or something..?

  2. All the history books going to have to be thrown in the the garbage they not only lied to black folks in America they have lied to white folks in America

  3. I want to hear this guy say" I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee" just once just for the hell of it

  4. sounds like MCC are supporters of democRats, if this man was ready to testify against Hillary, it's obvious they will silence him sooner or later

  5. So the number of dead bodies following the Clinton family is merely a conspiracy theory. Why is that the case for less government connected people. The clintons and others are not above the law. Money should not buy your way through life.

  6. White supremacy have not anything to do with liking one or not this is the illusion that they are perpetrating throughout of America white supremacy deal with the order of things in this reality weather one like it or not it's a process that occurs thro through conditioning of one's mind

  7. All b.s. Not only was he high risk, but high profile. A pedophile in prison is fair game, rich or poor

  8. DEMARATS forget,The working MEN and WOMAN pay for these FESTERING PIMPLES ON THE ASS OF SOCIETY!

  9. Fox I used to like you but why do your women news casters look like hooker's? It models, whatever, you know what I mean

  10. there you go the corrupt Union blame trump…. the union just wants more members to bilk them of dues… I blame the union member or members for the hit on Epstein and it was a hit.

    . NEXT TIME ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Referred to as the "Guantanamo of New York"with its administrative segregation units having severe security measures. Holding "El Chapo" Guzmán,, Highest-ranking Al-Qaeda operatives, Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov who planned a major terrorist attack against NYC but Jeffery Epstein is dead within a month at his own hands.Those god knows how many poor little 13-15 yr old souls ROBBED of justice. Is this your America? Guaranteed no "SINGLE" co-conspirator is responsible, so stop the random political finger pointing. This took a huge coordinated tangled web to pull off.

  13. DemoMarxist's "Modus Operandi"…. "Run as a moderate, rule as a Marxist" ~ Saul Alinsky — Don't believe A WORD these demon-bags say!

  14. Tokyo today is Democracy vs Communism… This is an example of what will happen to Americans if democrats take over.

  15. No video; It didnt happen. Can anyone imagine if it were you or I? Its pathetic the double standard these elitists have when it comes to crime and getting away with it. Someone needs to prosecute the bad guys!

  16. Where is the proof that he is dead dems republicans and fbi has helped him escape

  17. how did he die under federal custody? what a stupid question. most people are smarter than that. do you trust the government? no? then demand to get rid of corruption. this is what happens when you have a two-tiered justice system and let corruption run rampant, it will ruin the country you live in.

  18. So basically I'm supposed to work my ass off so somebody can come in here and do nothing and get everything I work for , for free.

  19. Making excuses for them taking him off watch already saying secrets will die with him over worked employees sounds like a conspiracy to me we want all foot of jail and hospital along with the body and medical records until then we all know that the dems and Republicans and fbi has helped this man leave the country until they provide evidence we don’t believe shit the government or new channels say

  20. people die in prison everyday. his life was no more important than any other. only his bank account and estate was.

  21. Wait a minute. The FBI, the agency that's run by the deep state as in Christopher Wray, the same agency that can't tell a truth and spied on a presidential candidate, is going to investigate the Epstein saga? You mean the Epstein that was in a N.Y. jail that's run by a former Obama official? Oh Gee, I guess we'll get the truth now for sure.

  22. How did Epstein die in protective custody? Well let me see if I can spell it out for you. C-L-I-N-T-O-N-S. The next ones to die will be the guards that were paid off.

  23. Trump was friends with Epstein-
    Barr recused himself then after meeting with Trump un-recused himself
    Barr's law firm represented Epstein
    Barr reportedly went to Epstein's prison
    Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…..

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