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  1. 😯Oh Joe Biden mis spoke, but ef it's Trump, it's racist! What a double standard!

  2. Nobody can be more racist then Hillary Clinton calling the people who didn't 🗳️vote for her DEPLORABLE. NOBODY!!!!!

  3. Joaquin Castro literally and purposefully made a kill list. He wants President Trump supporters murdered. So he’s NO different than the El Paso and Ohio shooters.

  4. What's the difference between the Twitter protest from the GOP and the other protest with soulcycle and equinox? You guys said it's crazy on one side and fine on the other. Does the same thing! One side versus the other and funny you chose the GOP. Isn't that weird? Slightly biased? Totally biased? Come on…….

  5. They say Trump is dividing this country? The left is spewing hate and lies day and night.

  6. It is a reverse boycott, because I didn't belong to this gym prior to this, now I'm joining this gym, lol.

  7. 🌹😘🌹 I sure do LOVE the Women of “OUT NUMBERED”, very intelligent Ladies. 💕 Keep up the Great Job. 🌹I’m an Independent 👍🇺🇸

  8. Of course even fox wants to silence Trump on Twitter they don't want him talking to us the public go figure

  9. I donated for my President campaign. Just try to harass me ! Ask all the Liberals people from California if they donated to Clinton or Obama's question mark you donated to a sex offender or a racist.

  10. The other ethnicities, or other (58%) of America wants the latest news on Donald Trump's association with his' fellow PEDOPHILE-RAPIST and WINGMAN, JEFFREY EPSTEIN.. Or are we just going to sweep that (ginormous) white elephant under the rug for the sake of preserving White Privilege in America?.. Huh?.. Is that how it's going to be played during THIS administration?..

  11. The Dayton mass shooter was an Elizabeth Warren supporter and heaverly into Antifa.

  12. This is something already frightens me about the president of United States will the Democrat Party and the new World Order having killed because he is so popular with the people of America

  13. Joe cash in your chips saddle up your horses ride off into the sunset before you completely destroy whatever political legacy you have left or not because it could be super funny to watch you be devoured by the hyenas in your clan😂😂😂

  14. They’ll protest for a week then be right back to enjoying the clean awesome gym capitalism has wrought like the hypocritical ignoramuses they are.

    I know copy in NYC and the stories they tell me would have you on the floor. Their problems are so trivial it’s no wonder they’re so detached from reality. Wait until the country is destroyed from their failed policies and those conveniences they take for granted don’t exist anymore.

  15. Just because the information is public doesn't mean it's proper for you to use it for your own political gain or to intentionally hurt other people or their business

  16. Joaquin Castro and Julian Castro and the liberal Demokkk rat communist thinks we’re afraid and scared? Big NO.

  17. Poor Mr. Webb… Surrounded by 4 feminist morons who feel they need to interrupt him to spew out their ignorance. More power to you Mr. Webb. The only one that came to the table with intelligence.

  18. Maybe, someone should list everyone that George Soros and Epstein have “donated” to.
    That list would be a LOT longer than this one, I’m sure.

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