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  1. I really hate that dumbacrap that's on this show God damn she pisses me off. Wasn't it a Sanders supporter who shot up a GOP game so Sanders should be held 💯 responsible? Or what about Mad Max get in their faces because that's not a call for someone to get hurt you 4 eyed fuk

  2. I'm still looking for Trump's racist remarks I can't find it anywhere but somehow the left can see something that never happened

  3. Что это за поебота? Я не подписывался на эту хуету пусть хоть сгорят они все нахуй

  4. 'bout time these people told Tarlov to STFU! Took long enough and there are plenty of other times where she is off the rails where they don't push back on her. She is a hateful, leftist, f'ing moron!

  5. я буду бесить верни канал конченое) абама трамп мудилы

  6. El Paso Mexican residents that protesting Trump are exactly the reason they got shot up, haters , they fuel their our hatred for this country, they fly the Mexican flag as if they were the only victims.

  7. I think this woman on Fox has lost her mind this kid killed people no matter who he like in politics has nothing to do with the fact he was crazy and he killed people plain and simple what is a matter with this country so many people trying to place blame . The blame should go to the person that committed this heinous act there is no reason to go blaming the president or blaming anybody else the simple fact is this kid committed a crime and it is over it's time to mourn the loss of the people not place blame

  8. If the "Castro Bros" list result in deaths, they should end up as Tacos in Tiajuana street food.

  9. Listen closer to the democrat presidential contenders. They blame Trump for stirring up hate crimes, when they should be pointing their finger at themselves. they create a problem, then blame Trump.

  10. Democrats…be thankful republicans aren't as violent as you preach they are…but the democrats certainly have proven they are mental unstable and can't have a civil discussion.

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