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  1. Верните Мише канал это не ваш канал тупые хакеры

  2. They can have direct evidence of neglect and or murder, and nothing will happen,,,,,

  3. Barr is a crypto Juice, he and Epstein are the same tribe…they watch after each other, no way he's not in on it.

  4. LOL … AOC is looking answers ,,, She will just ask her Barbie dolls who did it …

  5. I think most Americans knew Epstein was gonna get suicided lol.. not shocking he ended up dead.

  6. No guards, no cameras, no autopsy and the government and media are pedaling suicide. Please show us evidence it wasn't homicide. El Chapo spent 2 years in this facility, not to mention many known terrorists.

  7. Jeff was on a suicide watch? I wonder if the Clinton's got to watch the suicide?

  8. serious irregularities? no shit? (he did not have a cellmate because they removed the cellmate, after all why have a witness WHEN YOU KILL HIM?)

  9. Can't even watch these shows anymore, they make me sick. This was obvious years ago that this guy was guilty of these accusations.

  10. If the clintons had anything to do with it nothing will ever be done with this investigation just more talk from the right that's all they ever do is say they the left is in trouble but the less never faces any consequence

  11. It ashamed he didn't get to do life in jail , But on the other hand, I guess he did. Saved the taxpayers money.

  12. It ain't murder, in this case, Its justice for a pedophile. Saved the taxpayers millions so be thankful it's one less pos

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