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  1. Fox, stop empowering imbeciles, intelectually delayed people that work at FAKE NEWS. We have to ignore them!

  2. I love the Democrats debates cause all you see are idiot's attacking idiot's and no nonsense

  3. It is so obvious that the fake news media aka CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC ,MSNBC, works hand in hand with the Democraps in fanning the flames of hate and racism it is their scapegoat and crucht . They twist the truth and they preach against our President but he is more solid than they think and he is steadfast. It is disgusting how they get away with their propaganda agenda against the President of the USA. And what's even more sad is the fake news ZOMBIES who watch and trust them. These so called networks need to be held accountable for their propaganda that diminishes the Presidency and weakings or nation!

  4. YAWWWWWWWWWWN, this is becoming tiresome. We patriots know President Trump is not a RACIST. He has proven this time and time again. We patriots of all races want him to win the next election. I dont even watch MSM anymore. THEY ARE CHILDISH, EVIL LIARS and that has been proven. I feel sorry the feeble gullible brainwashed ignorant fools out there who are too lazy to do their own research and rely on MSM…. WHAT A SHAME! The good news is that Trump is a Godsend and is protected. With this is in mind, prophecy states that Donald Trump will be serving another term, but I wish more than anything that violence and hatred will evaporate. Grow up haters and be decent human beings because I AM YOUR SICK OF YOUR STUPIDITY AND HURTING DECENT PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE FREE, PROSPEROUS AND LEAD HAPPY LIVES!!!!! GET A LIFE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE

  5. Maybe our President will get the message of how to manage the media! He went after 4 crazy women….who cares about the color…demoncrats!

  6. Fowler will not be happy until we have another queer black pres.
    A racist and a "straightophobe".

  7. The Lil Dem outrage song; He's a racist 🎶 she's a racist 🎶 wouldn't you like to be a racist to 🎶

  8. The Lil outrage monster y'all created will lose it's mind, and turn on y'all, when Trump wins 2020.

  9. We have the Right to Bear Arms to Protect against Tyranny, Governments foreign and DOMESTIC!!!!

  10. Это не ваш канал! Отдайте владельцу!!!!!

  11. Liar, liar pants on fire Dems should be hanging on the telephone wire.

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