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  1. The nerve of the worst president we have ever had who happens to be a nigg€r and fueled more racial divide than we have seen in decades!!!👌

  2. Obama Hillary has his birth certificate it shows him being spit out the back of a baboon's ass on the dirt floor of the Kenya desert if thats not a pure Kenyan nigga what is

  3. That monkey boy Obama did not represent me shut that mother fucker first

  4. Hay Castle you said reasons why tweeted out the names and the businesses donations because you I want to show them they pay for raices. Why you did this to make these people Shuffle in the businesses can you also did it to call Pinnacle game you truly are hey jackass. And guess what honey it wasn't Donald Trump's fault in Texas home state his is Manifesto you guys don't say anything about

  5. Joe I can't wait till the details of your son's business dealings with the Chinese and the Russians come out give should be very interesting reading maybe we'll have some Senate hearings on it who knows….urbanresearchgroup495@gmail.com

  6. Let's take away the guns from the slimy Mexican and black gangs,if united ,we all could accomplish the greatest mission in the last 100 years,wow,no more rape,murder only a small percent.

  7. Obama is the last fake citizen can talk about this situation! He created muslim terrorism, islamic refugees, black matters hate against everyone, gay revolution against USA and many more organizations. So, he should shut her Fu… mouth and get a life! He's not popular with his lies and fake preaching.

  8. We need to be alert, we have no reason not to… All they talk about, is how they will tear the whole country apart, with their Socialism!!

  9. Such lies . President Trump will still get my vote . Obummer is an idiot who supported more terrorists than any other President in history . KAG!!!

  10. "I would like to see patience, in any point in this, pay off." ~ Lou Dobbs regarding justice being had over the establishment's acts of sedition against a Washington-outsider for President.

  11. I will never vote for a Democrat’s again. Trump 20/20 n I will vote republican straight across the board!!!!!

  12. obama will be at gitmo if he isn't already. lock em up treasonous lair

  13. Obama the worst president that America has ever had. He should retired to his million dollars mansion , and if he wants his library built in Chicago do it with his own money not the people of Illinois money.

  14. Pull Googles plug, declare them a public utility and force them to work in the best interest of the US by not filtering the public dialog with the exception of illegal activities.

  15. Who is calling the kittle black?? Listen to the demon Democrats!! Full of crap and hate! The demon Democrats are evil!!

  16. He needs to stay out!! It's disrespectful of a EX So called leader! And didnt do a thing for our country!

  17. President Trump has done more for us then all of the presidents combined in my lifetime. God bless President Trump.maga2020

  18. Watching the dem party implode on a weekly basis is cheap entertainment for this retiree… a big thank you to democrat “leaders”.

  19. Fuck you biden, were so tired of you and all the rest of the clown. You have nothing to offer Americans but lick trumps ass.

  20. Go home and start your own country family stay there and make something out of yourselves like we're doing here in the United States for our own citizens legal come on down if you're legal get the hell out if your illegal

  21. Me too I love Lou Dobbs.Such a nice man with such good sense!Always has nice people on his show.He makes my day!

  22. Then according to Obummer, we, the people of America need to reject the demon rats, they are the party of hate! The party of racist!

  23. Well I didn't get to hear Lindsey Graham, but if he's pushing gun control, perhaps there's a bit of McCain's rhetoric still in him?

  24. I guess William Jefferson Clinton and his partner in murder and crime, Shrillary, will be very busy sooner than later "serving coffee and burnt food" to their fellow residents in HELL…

  25. We need full operations here in Baltimore City it is loaded with illegals Highlandtown Fell's North East and West Baltimore plenty of illegals Point

  26. I'm going to the border and place a brick in the wall with my name on it the wall just got

  27. Y'all are full of it and definitely under the Pres thumb…no fox fake news for me Republican party is the haters

  28. El Paso is nothing but illegals person Trump should bring ice with him so he can ice ice them baby👀👍🎶🎸

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