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  1. We love you kellyanne and I'm a Democrats that ashamed I'm a nuturalist/nationalist conservative. My party seems like all weirdos that like hiding the truth from weird activitys.

  2. Why Obama took visit too the island why is that not coming out as president why he wanted little boys instead of little girls???

  3. The people want JUSTICE…not for Epstien, fuck him, and with due respect not even just for his victims, but for The People of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA! The media…95% of MSM are complicit. A huge swath of the Democrats in Congress and other offices, and a handful of traitors posing as Republican officials. The Obama White House, the Obama State Department/Hilary Clinton, the Obama DOJ, FBI & CIA, goddamnit you people on the left bursting at the seams with hatred WAKE THE FUCK UP and help us save you and us ALL from slavery, because THAT IS WHATS AT STAKE!!! Cmon pay ATTENTION to the news cycle…notice anything? Don't be naïve!

  4. Rich and politically connected financier?? How about pedophile enthusiast?? WTF OVER.

  5. How does this lying bitch sleep bc at nite protecting bc a 3 time c he eating racist rapist groping be whoremongering pos

  6. I heard he killed himself and also had a heart attack! I doubt we will hear the truth.

  7. No matter what happened we the people are left with LIES!!!! Corruption continues in a sinful world….

  8. Cant even keep an eye on some on suicide watch , really… this was not a suicide and u know it …they already have the Clintons in this and they should be on death row

  9. There's no corruption and Epstein is on an island. Somewhere . Trump 202. This time he's gonna grab her by the pussy

  10. How the hell are you on 24 hours a day 7 days a week suicide watch and you still commit suicide I'm not buying it the clintons are in on this they've killed more people than you want to know about whoever has dirt on the clintons wind up dead

  11. Gee I didn't know Trump flew on Epstein's plane. Thats what this bitch said. Don't think so.

  12. You wonder why the Podestas keep their mouths shut? Donna Brazille? Most people who know things abut the Clintons END UP DEAD. No conspiracy theory… just statistical fact.

  13. Kellyanne is saying the Clintons should be squirming. Damn. Fox has turned to the left big time. I would not play poker with Kellyanne.

  14. Everyone knows he was murdered and we all know who it was THE CLINTON'S AND OTHER HIGH RANKING POLITICIANS / DEMOCRATS

  15. If I was married to this Cunt, they would be investigating a suicide….and it would not be mine

  16. we dont have guns in UK and its worked out fine thus far ?? whats the problem? AMERICA has guns forever and thousands die ? Am i missing something?

  17. Tim Ryan "will not take your hunting rifle".
    He's, evidently, has never read the Constitution.
    He can stuff the Red Flag laws up his ass.

  18. White supremacist Sanctuary Cities Taxation And Regulations Without Representation Democrat Tim Ryan.


  20. The democrats and main stream media have turned in to a pack of Lunatics!!!

  21. America is embarrassing ,, cameras were turned off for a reason . Of coarse ppl are going to ask questions but mainstream media frown at those who do so ..treat ppl like sheep

  22. Well you know Bill Clinton was definitely having fun on that island and needs to be investigated.

  23. Why did that liar say trump flew on his plane? He knew him ties with him because he thought he was a sick person many years ago. Certainly would not be calling for an investigation if my name was involved.

  24. Donna Bazzar, like all libtard liars, has to always throw in "Charlotteville".
    Antifa and the "white nationalist rode on the same buses. Paid
    role players".

  25. The only thing needed to abuse Red Flag law is a corrupt judge.
    I know a few.

  26. Every American citizen has the right to bare arms, LEAVE OUR RIGHTS ALONE, DON'T TOUCH!!

  27. Kellyanne Looks like shes on MK Ultra Mind Control her eyes look of all the time like profeSor Julia L.Brown those are MK Ultra Symptoms she looks like she on drugs 24/7 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Their plan is finally coming together ,, dumb down, drug up , society .bring in third world , and finely disarm the drugged up and dumbed down.. job done….

  29. Yoooo Lets go to PEDO Island 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  30. Please shut up and let kellyanne Conway finish what she saying,, thank you

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