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  1. Hey Judge you re 100% wrong on the red flag law because that is exactly what it will accomplish, take guns away from anyone deemed dangerous by whoever's definition. What if my neighbor doesn't like me and reports me as crazy and dangerous? The government takes my guns and I have to spends thousands of dollars to defend myself. If I'm successful maybe I will get my firearms back maybe I won't. But I would be deemed guilty by the confiscation and left to prove innocence. Your mistake is thinking the government can implement and execute a law like this. The quickest way to solve this problem is to require everyone over 21 to possess a firearm. It's proven!

  2. A true American patriot would want government disclosure America home of the brave

  3. The stunning death oh my goodness he was under 24/7 surveillance Chi how can a man actually commit suicide under 24/7 surveillance he's on his way to Israel all right we all know that hello

  4. Tragically, he never stood trial.
    He was never found guilty.
    He actually died an innocent man, by our standard of "innocent until proven guilty".

  5. Sweet — enjoy Australia ❤️

    They need to work on illegal weapons also. Too many still out there.

    There red flag thing — I'm just worried about if people get a beef against you (an ex) or are just troublemakers — why should they be able to have us looked at for this list? How will that be determined?

  6. one day he will return and destroy all of you with alien technology slaughter every single one of you

  7. JUDGE you are wrong about this. Their not talking about taking your guns today, but I can promise you they will come after guns once they find a way to cheat the Republicans out of power. Have the judge taken the blue pill because the argument that she gives out gun licenses to people is the same as doing a background check. Wake the hell up judge, you and the President. Your avoiding the real reason people kill others and that starts from a young age and we close the books on them once they become adults. It's bullshit and very dangerous to all Americans.

  8. Daaaahhhhh???? Who was in charge? Tell us the truth about Epstein. Who is covering up what for who? The FBI has the reputation lately as being VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, and they are looking into the supposed death of this piece of shit. Lies, lies, lies.

  9. And my voice is probably going to come out on Apple and everything I am so sick and tired of all of your Peoples games and your chest move and all the b***** and all the f**** lies and my voice is probably to come out or not and I always going to go tell you kill you probably cuz it's crazy crap you're all in crazy crazy crap

  10. 1st of all judge he is right and even if somebody wouldn't pass a background check to it to a mental disability who's to say he wouldn't steal one from somebody else if he is gonna do it hes gonna do us laws and locks her design to keep honest people honest criminals don't care they're just obstacles to be overcome You can pass all the red white and blue and silver laws whatever loss you want if a criminal wants to get a gun he will obtain one

  11. Remember you only support the second amendment they tell you, you can, the current one. Not the real one. The current changes, not the real one which is the only one there should be. America your stupid. When you took gun rights from one American you took gun rights from all Americans. Duh! Wake up sheep.

  12. He's not dead he's on his way to Israel he is completely taken care of he knows too much they know too much you know he's not dead so why are you covering this new story would you know is a lie

  13. If the royal family had concerns about epstien, they would have made sure something was done to eliminate him like they did to Princess Diana when they understood she was going to marry Mr fiade being pregnet by him.

  14. Lies lies lies yeah lies lies lies yeah but I get my paycheck lies lies lies yeah lies lies lies yeah but I get my paycheck

  15. What gives you the right Judge to tell me if I can own a gun or not it's not your right .God gave me that right like you keep saying

  16. Bill Clinton has aids so the masters will be dead soon same as bill and soros

  17. how did jim foster get to the tree to shoot himself and leave no footprints. they must have had a guard on him that has the eyesight of Stevey wonder

  18. These tragic events are increasing as the Globalist-leftist kabal has systematically destroyed the safety net of the family, had these individuals been in a cohesive family unit, these massacres would have not happened, sadly these tragedies will consistently increase as the destruction of the traditional family umbrella continues to be a target of leftist-socialist agenda! TRUMP 2020!

  19. If this was "stunning" surprise to anyone, I have a bridge to sell you in Chappaqua…

  20. oops. what you mean Australia doesnt have problems with guns? Since they took them away their crime has soared.
    I would call that a problem, unless one is a NWO sheeple

  21. you right all mafia for over 79 years after war were german took over USA ////paper clip////look the name in FBI many of them from from germany is not just happend

  22. Stunning death! LOL. Let's have another 3 year investigation that should do it. AG is captain obvious. FBI to investigate! Hahahahahahaha. Hillary and her buddies are partying. If Trump would have arrested these high level elites a lot of these murders wouldn't have happened.

    Trump's going after our guns

  23. Judge what do Americans have to do to start Impeachments on Nadler,Pelosi, Cummings, Shummer, Waters they are the Criminals.

  24. Keep your filthy hands off our guns. The constitution has provisions for repeal. Afraid to use it? You sanctimonious elected morons.

  25. David Icke exposed the clintons as far back as 1991. When the masses laughed?

  26. there was a witness against the mafia that got thrown out a window in new york , while there were 2 police in the room guarding him, with enough money everyone can get amnesia

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