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  1. Epstein got switched out by a judge and military pedophile in a van is what a gaurd said.

  2. Democrats killed him. Clintons and rest of the retarded one percenters. lunatics that's all you are. just like the new movie. the hunt. come and hunt me. you fucken comunists

  3. Now poor Jefferies, !! Took THIS short cut.Instead OF facing "JUSTICE" ! NOW HE'S IN THE BIGGEST PARTY YET!! IN HELL!!!! GETTING BUTTPLUGGED , DOWN STAIRS. "GOOD RIDDANCE" .

  4. Everyone is surprised Epstein committed suicide. Imagine how surprised Epstein was!!!

  5. Bloom is a Clinton donor and her mom illegally gave Hillary money. NO JUSTICE

  6. The evil dems are celebrating today. The for sure peace of crap. That good bring down the Clintons and so many many many others. And rosentine is covering for the crooks that he is.

  7. Of course RR would say that???? This will be covered up. You cannot reach the elites no matter what they do. Bill and Hillary are still free.

  8. Can we see the footage of Epstein gett in the van with the guy in military garb

  9. Malachi Martin, Vatican Exorcist died in 1999. In his book, 'Hostage To The Devil " he describes the rare case of what he called, " The Perfectly Possessed ". They are loners, they are highly intelligent, they are very successful, often even admired, and they are Very Dangerous. On the outside they look normal but they have given themselves over to the devil of their own choice. Malachi Martin said such creatures Can Never be Exorcised, and to try puts any exorcist at great peril from this master of Evil. When cornered and captured they always commit suicide because Death is always the ultimate goal of evil. So I suggest this vile predator was almost certainly among the perfectly possessed. What a saint is to Heaven and Almighty God, the perfectly possessed is to Hell and the Devil. As we know he did evil to many and went without even suspicion for a long time. Welcome to the reality of Evil in this vile world.

  10. Sad day when people that swore an oath to uphold the constitution are writing laws that ban God given rights
    Should be removed from office for violating their oath

  11. WHAT THE FUCK EVERRR!!?? All you mother fukrs know the cia murdered him.. because likely he was providing most of our fucking politicians and corporate leaders young boys and girls.. wtf?!

  12. Fuck that guy… pos… no wrong doing… people come off suicide watch all the time… you don’t stay on that status unless you say you’re going to still kill your self…

  13. His victims have been betrayed and their perpetrators safe and free to continue raping and enslaving innocent people.

  14. Problem reaction solution, Hegelian dialectic they incite gun shooting they react they msm They give solution take away guns government

  15. This guy with his kind of personality would have not committed suicide.

  16. Wel looks like they took out all his bed sheets and anything he could hang himself with, nothing but a sprinkler system to hang from, who gave him a ladder to get to it,and handed him back a sheet? Not to impressive for an excuse!

  17. And sad Barr just doing the good old dog and pony show just watch and see F.B I joke they cant evon do there job look at McCabe

  18. In the entrering photos of the Walmart shooter he was wearing a camouflaged pant on the photo of arrest he was wearing brige pants!! did he stop killing to change clothe???

  19. You Rod need to go away. If you're the 1st to comment I'm concerned what part you played.

  20. To say that we could not give the highest profile prisoner in the USA enough attention to keep him alive is just an asinine statement….please stop

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