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  1. This is a left wing attack on Mitch McConnel at his residence. Twitter has failed miserably as a Social Media in the light of how things have unfolded. The left wing attack at Mitch McConnel home is a repeat of similar attacks we have seen at Tucker Carlson home in the Past. This is unacceptable left wing behaviour. Keep up the good work Jillian and Rob.

  2. Talk about censorship! I'm noticing YouTube… Or better said I'm assuming YouTube is censoring Hannity! Cuz I can't find any uploads today from last night's Hannity Show! Let me know if you find the same thing

  3. Demorats Twitter accounts will not be removed. How nice.
    Is our freedom ?

  4. Democrats are like a wild animal that have killed an human and ready to be shot

  5. And they are correct. Twitter, as a social site, has proven their lack of morals. Along with the liberal idiots.

  6. America Christians you are to blame if the day comes that the Democrats take over your country again you have to use your Military to take over to clean up

  7. Bad things happen when good people don’t show up, we must stand together and watch each other’s back, it’s unjust that dems/libs get to voice their views even up to violence, but conservatives must hide and shut up?

  8. American Christians should watch out for these bad movies that are just propaganda to change the minds and thinking of people

  9. the entire democrap Presidential candidates haven't got the combined brain power of a fruit-fly

  10. Democrats nearly created a one way street for free speech and now the push back begin after 20 years

  11. Social media is the new Big Tobacco. Except it's not your lungs they are making sick…

    It's easy to remove ALL political and religious discourse on ANY social media provider nearly IMMEDIATELY. Update the terms and conditions to exclude it, program the algorithm to block the keywords consistent with it, and most of the insanity we've been seeing in our communities will calm down within a calendar year.

    They don't want that. Never have. Mass hysteria is massively profitable to businesses of this type, and weaknesses in human psychology are already hard-coded into these platforms — specifically to make advertising money. That's right — we're livestock.

    This industry needs to be held to account for the damage they have knowingly done with their product.

  12. People go to McConnel’s house

    They start harassing and threatening him

    McConnel has that recorded for his safety

    McConnel shares that tape on Twitter

    McConnel gets suspended by twitter

    Can’t make this up lol …. I’m not even too crazy about McConnel

  13. the democrat's continue to perpetuate hate …just after their ideal.s created two mass shooting's…what do you think a deranged mind is thinking when democrat's propose boycotting something …it bolster's their delusion to carry out their deranged murderous plan's.

  14. The Lil outrage monster y'all created will turn and devour it's makers, when Trump wins 2020.

  15. Joe Biden "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids." Hmmm, this coming from the same guy that was inn league with the segregationists back. He was willing to dance wiht the devil to get work done. To allow yourself to compromise your integrity to accomplish something that is not a desirable trait. Compromise is not a bad thing, unless your are compromising on your values.

  16. He's a racist 🎶 she's a racist 🎶 wouldn't you like to be a racist to 🎶?

  17. Cindy Crawford has a body better than most 20-year-olds! Guaranteed that person who said, "getting too old for this" is out of shape, saggy, and has gnarly cottage cheese ass! LOL. Just saying. Wow, she looks good!

  18. likes of tweeter and fb must be shut down permanently….their platform is truly toxic…

  19. This is my second message I just want to tell Taylor Swift something. I don't care what you think Taylor Swift. What do you think if you spoke up drawing election Change people's minds. It just singer the picture of of teenagers who follow you. To all staff favorite just shut the. I'm so sick and tired. I'm so sick and tired movie stars singers an actor's telling me how to how to think especially Castle from the Conners Madonna Kathy Griffin Shay fields Alec cast of Will and Grace . I do not care what does people think what unit Care what does people say Wonder. These people need to realize something the American people are sick and tired of Hollywood what to do we are all smart capable people 2 volts why don't you guys shove it up you know Wale and leave us alone thank you for

  20. Those people outside Mitch house were acting like children but far more dangerous

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