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  1. bunch of orange blondes bimbo on fox news…… trump promotes hate racism

  2. The police are so bold and out of control they have shot dogs in fenced yards in the country not in town because they jumped fence and got startled so now they can come on ur private property u committed no crime and shoot ur best buddy this shits crazy,

  3. Is it Coincidence that the kids praying come from families which lost their jobs or do they believe a god exists which had nothing to do with the hard times but will still answer their prayers
    It’s either one or the other, a god causes things or doesn’t

  4. Immigration should insure that they can work and pay their way!! NOT LIVE ON THE SYSTEM!!! We ARE NOT A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!! We CANNOT SUPPORT THE WORLD!!!

  5. They should take plaq down Trump don't want poor here even if they work this is to attack natrual born Americans that are married to non natrulized citizens this is the families this law will effect it's racist against those Americans that are married to foriegners

  6. Sam SANCTUARY CITY CROOK Licardo needs to be placed under arrest. EXTORTION.

  7. Why don't people understand if you're seeking Asylum you came here legally if you didn't come here legally you not seeking Asylum they don't go together

  8. I told my wife not to vote for Trump he do gun control u know ol Johnson wasn't real smart but I think he told the truth Trump doesn't speak in truth he thinks it makes u weak to tell the truth , lie and double down it's in his book read it. That way u understand why he will do gun control and coporatism a socialist economy based off Reagunomics or trickle down it's socialism that feeds rich and walks away from free open market our markets are completely controlled and license through government that's socialism

  9. Tax on guns so only the rich can be armed , Americans are at war with classism and the Elites see there ship sinking this socialist economy is falling fast only open free markets will ever work Trump's new corporatism socialist economy will not survive it don't leave the poor and middle money to spend to keep economy going and money they got is worthless it's buying power isn't shit since Bush bailed big banks out and doubled money over night,big problems coming get ur 401k today or loose it all

  10. Planned Parenthood has abused the law!! It is time to set restrictions on how this law is used. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!! No more selling babies for sex and body parts, harvesting of body parts for money!! Thank God for President Trump!!

  11. I'm not buying it ….my opinion is he is still alive ,,, switched bodies

  12. Why did trump have the CIA kill Jeffery. What was Jeffery getting ready to say about him.

  13. So I'm guessing these will be legal immigrants with H1B visas and similar trying to get a green card…….so they can change employers. The Somalia refugees in Minnesota are safe……the asylum people are safe. What's the big deal???

  14. I married a woman from another country in 2000, 19 years ago. I had to sign documents that said I or she have not, or will not depend on public assistance (welfare). New law? It's been that way for 19 (or more) years.

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