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  1. I killed Jeffrey Epstein. Hillary Clinton gave me a blow job for my efforts.

  2. check out the ears at 3.15 https://youtu.be/kuD354XfFWo so why , and what did he give up to be saved , hillary and bill prince andrew all out celebrating , might want to pull there heads back in and get ready for some lose sphincter muscles .

  3. Excuse me but what the dems are preaching ,sounds like there not dealing with a full deck,serisouly

  4. The entire country has been told GET F**KED by the people who own you…you pathetic, moronic, herd animals.

  5. Criminal Defense Attorney Phil Hamilton needs to lay off Maybelline's Flawless Makeup products. Check out 10:16. Holy $hit!!

  6. There not jokes were currently at war actually its 2 wars..i won't help you ill just do it my way

  7. I agree that the athletes should be banned from playing for their country. Politics and sport does NOT go hand in hand.

  8. google is a hostile influence and apparently for sale at the right price, sounds like C_A mindset….

  9. Not an excuse being on overtime. This shit is crazy no evidence in Russian collusion and they push the narrative two years and our wrong. Now callin it conspiracy theories he’s dead? We’re not dumb.

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