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  1. I am glad idiots like that speak for the Democrats it just shows how much smarter Republicans are

  2. This idiot knows nothing about economics the bailout money is part of the reason our deficit tripled and double by $10 trillion this idiot should not speak

  3. Obama was the worst thing to ever happen to America we should’ve had someone better to represent the black people like Ben Carson

  4. Burnie is trash Epstein was killed by clintons Biden doesn't stand a chance against TRUMP 2020 EAT DICK

  5. Seems like college is free now with student loans. They never pay them back or it takes their whole life to pay it off.

  6. I told my wife be for he died someone is going to kill him he know to meany big names

  7. I hope bad things happen to these news casters for giving so much credibility to evil new York City Government.Lord DAM THE UNITED STATES

  8. I'm amazed at FOX NEWS. Here you have a man who could bring down the DNC. He is killed and Fox news is like meh!? And no news on pursuing justice and going after his clients. I'm pretty sure THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE BACK THIS COUNTRY

  9. Clinton-side…
    3-4 shotgun blasts to chest, slit throat, 3 caps to the melon, hung !
    They have ALL the info…JE not needed. If he was that important, why not in Cuba???


  11. I'm running for president vote for me and I will tell you exactly what you want to hear

  12. These Dems will say anything to get the votes that'll ensure their abillity to get on the gravy train. Easy money for them when in power. They do very little for the country unless it positively effects their pockets.

  13. Easy make health care affordable. Insurance is a scam. Make it more transparent!!!

  14. Illegal immigrants should be deported the companies employing them should be dealt with.

  15. Epstine is not DEAD. he has now been promoted to be the Grand Wisord of Human Traffickers and Hollywood is in on it, including Obama and the Clinton Foundation.

  16. You do not have you do not have the right to create a law to stop people from buying body armor you're just trying to create a snow job narrativewe have a civil right to have it where it for protection if we choose you do not have the right to bandit

  17. And just think of this the camera that monitors his room not working Epstein was murdered and we know it's a fact ! And when Epstein was put in jail there in Manhattan 1st it is not a coincidence that the power went out in Manhattan where Epstein was they were going to take him out! They fail the first time he never tried to commit suicide! The American public are not that stupid 😂

  18. Money money money money money oh what a tangled web we weave when we start to buy into this bullshitt.

  19. Biden and Buttplug are their leading candidates? Trump has this won. I will still vote for him, because the democrats have lost the plot.

  20. So many ennemis hve been infiltrated into, so many corrupted leftards traitors there … fighting against the best police,ice, protecting real us citizens from traffickers and invaders ..they must have selfish interests in pushing them in to prey on , or to let those invaders prey on us citizens while being well protected, and or to secure their priviledges, some are themselves infiltrated ennemies ?
    All those athletes will soon be replaced anyway by those they want in , since they wish it, lol.

    beside hkg is fighting for not seeing anyone designated as "criminals" by communists dictators ,being sent to organs harvesting places.

    Surely many of the so called elite, from politicains to justice, are involved, complicits in that sort of rings. We can see that in all countries .most of case got cold , nobody else arrested…strange ?lol?

    Lok at all those rotten companies , managed by f greedy traitors , put their pants down against freedom , including against against other people choices, for being fucked anyway in china soon or later. So y d better stop to buy communists asses lickers shits?

  21. The Government "arrested" him and put him in protection while getting the info they need from him. They reached an agreement. Freedom for info. They kept it quiet so the public doesn't revolt. Once Epstein gave them all of the names they hired "guards" to take a fake Epstein out of the front while everybody was asleep while the real Epstein went out the back in a military transport.

  22. Ha ha with all the shootings what if I need body armor to protect myself so what the fuck Schumer you want to take away anything that’s going to protect us from criminals fuck you dude

  23. Socialism had failed everywhere in the world and it has put usa nearly on its knees like any traitors would do . They might be too though..?

    Who wld pay for all those dangerously infiltrated invaders while the richest leftards are throwing money everywhere else than usa, including giving yr money to ennemies such as islamist iran, communists dictators ..??those fuckers hve surely selfish intetests ?

  24. Those unpatriotic selfish American athletes who protest can switch places of any of the millions of people in other countries who dream of being in the USA.

  25. Crazy theories??? Clinton has been Killin folks for decade's!!!! Investigation clintons stupid fucks

  26. Do a deep dna check on the body there…check any move on his banks accounts, look at those still hidden.. use nsa to listen everything buzzing before and right after within the fuckers closed to him …

  27. Yeah just wait for the FBI to investigate Epsteins death. Because we all know how much we can trust them. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI helped do do it.

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