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  1. ask questions about Sandy hook and all of these staged gun grab shit shows. And then Gene Rosen said with a loud voice : Ga Ga Ga Goy!

  2. Unfortunately Mitch doesn't seem to mind taking American rights…looking to restrict gun rights caving to Dems.

  3. Democrats are trying to win votes by calling everyone who disagrees with them vile names. This doesn't seem to be a winning strategy to me.

  4. Thiel right. TTwitter, Facebook and Youtube taking away Freedom of speech. This needs to stop.

  5. Relax , Red Flag laws won't pass .
    No Democrats will be President for a while !
    Trump2020 2 KAG

  6. Never forget, the people of Venezuela were sucked in by the promise of "Free Healthcare!"

  7. No, they are not being fair. I said in another post, he was not the originator of the vile post. What did Twitter do to the the account of the person originally posting this? NOTHING, because they are leftists.

  8. President Castro? An American president? The thought is revolting. Won't be elected by way of his name.

  9. Biden is definitely a racist- he keeps making racist comments "by accident", he looks up to segregationists. Old speeches show him saying things like "we will put you back into chains". I mean come on- they deflect and say Trump is racist but the Democrats are historically and currently the racist party.

  10. Hey people, Dems sell it beause people buy it. Voters have the hate. Dems use it to feed there greed. Dont talk about it , ratings are most important!!


  12. "Nationalist agendas risk thwarting the courageous dreams of the founders of Europe." Pope Francis. This is true for the US as well. We have to keep the flame of freedom and unity despite Fox News.

  13. Democrats don't have anything to offer! They are consumed by defeating Trump. Their heads are not concerned with making America great or keeping America great. They are concerned with power and how much money they get to put in their own pockets. People are homeless, starving, and children need to feel they are worth something. The Dems are too focused on the illegals and giving them more rights than our own needy citizens. Take care of U.S. first.

  14. If this big tec targeting conservative thing was random then why doesn't it happen equally on the Left as the Right. Don't piss on my shoes and tell me it's raining.

  15. DemoKKKrats have become Lunatic Anti-Americans! They have exactly No positive Message! They only thing they have accomplished in 3 years is confusing weak minded Americans and causing hate and division in our country! Why would an American Citizen vote for a DemoKKKrat again?

  16. Mr. Mark is right and everybody that’s been targeted for supporting the president must stand proud and not be intimidated.

  17. Wake up America you all know if it Democrats gets in office and becomes president you can kiss America goodbye because all the whites and blacks will have to cater to every illegal or Asylum Seeker that comes into America I mean we'll have to learn this their language and they will take all I've done two-way beware America wake up must vote all Democrat office and vote in all Republican Republicans will protect the 2nd Amendment the right to bear arms

  18. Don't you all know Twitter Facebook and YouTube and all one by the Democrat Party that's why I don't get involved and none of that b***** because you're all corrupted Democrat

  19. People listen or should I say sheeple, Not one of the Democrats can string two words together that is truthful

  20. Is demophobia a real phobia, sure seems like it. With good reason those people love immigrants and their votes more than legal citizens.

  21. Good thing I have a bowling game on my phone…it's lazy day and national bowling day….bowling from the couch…

  22. Why do you at fox show sensible video clips then kiss Trumps butt by putting your pathetic spin on them!
    You all sound and look like fucking morons!

  23. ok so I go to Annette Cividanes YouTube because of the headlines " Epstein dead" found dead committing suicide! So I go to Fox nothing is mentioned what a bunch of fake crap!

  24. The feminization of America is the root problem. Women are not supposed to lead men. Period.

  25. Hey Joe we'd have to kick 20 million OUT for those numbers to be real. They're already here and they are having LOTS OF CHILDREN!!

  26. The Mitch MConell night time protest hardassers, bullies, stalkers, should be arrested and jailed. creeps…..is Not American. communist socialist false democrat violent violating b.s. does NOT FLY. in America. its what they get shot. d.u.h.

  27. I took a Mass Media Coarse in High School, We had to write a Political Speech. The first thing they told us was don't mention your Opponent…. Hmmmm. The more attention Drawn to Them the less the See You.

  28. How come u haven't talked about Epstein???? How can u be on suicide watch and die????

  29. J.o.e. Bite Me bends down to talk to people whom he thinks are beneath him. or he can't see them. Its like when an idiot moron will ask you.. " and U—R ?" meaning …you are beneath me, i do not recognize you, i condendscend now because I don't care who or what you are, you have no right here, shut up and go get me coffee. Ever meet that kind of ( usually women ) brainless jerk ?

  30. When the founding fathers left Europe for freedom of religion and speech and other freedoms they probably didn't see the craziness of Democrats hating everything that was Republican. They should see a professional to remind people that all Americans have something to add to America not just take and accuse other politicians. If you don't like your color and former homeland then leave it. This is the USA peace

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