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  1. Government should look into these big tech companies. Hate speech is not free speech when you do this shit and say what they say .

  2. Why is he in jail,,,,, he did nothing wrong ! This is the law you all want !!! Your allowed to carry this machine gun style weapon! Yall make me sick.

  3. Sounds like a setup with that guy in fatigues. Trying to help out concealed carry. 😕

  4. The UN is so far past it's due date even the mold can't stand the stink . What a vile bunch of useless hacks , put it all out for the next garbage pick up and good riddance !

  5. Sing along you got whole world in your pants you got the whole world your pants you got the whole world In your world

  6. Not only are celebrities not more informed than you are, they are less affected by politics. Do you think if the price of produce goes up that it will affect their grocery list!?! If the price of fuel goes up, will it affect their travel plans? They are infact less motivated to be informed than you are.

  7. We are a pathetic nation. We have no will to prosecute law breakers. Why can't we charge this stupid Mayor for openly calling people or being complicit to break the law?

  8. He wasn’t breaking any laws. It wasn’t smart but nobody was in danger

  9. No one mentions the fact that there are only 15 people in that protest.🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  10. Wow, the UN and eating meat omg! Better get rid of those nasty gas producing beans too! lmao!

  11. The incident at the Walmart is a perfect example of what an armed citizenry can do. I dread the day I may have to do the same thing but I feel the same way the fireman did, if there's something I can do to help, I should. If more people were known to be armed I think we'd have less crime. So get educated and trained to protect yourself and the general public instead of becoming a victim. Carrying concealed is a huge responsibility and can get you killed too, if you are suspected of being one of the offenders during the crisis, so get trained, be safe, protect the women and children.

  12. Twitter giving love to hezbollah, antifa, black lives whatever, and anyone who threatens republicans, add twitter to the domestic terrorist hit list.

  13. Just so you know, the movie they where talking about (feed got cut) is "The Hunted". Advertisement got pushed back because of the shootings and the movie is very political, bloody, violent and yes, full of gun violence.

  14. So "Constitutional Open Carry" causes panic attacks? I CONCEALED CARRY and if a person open carries they are "suspect" until innocent? WTF!

  15. It is time to defund and expel the UN. Send these SJW to Switzerland or Sweden somewhere in Europe. How about one of the progressive Oil Rich Islamic Nations?

  16. ICE should have raided before school yr. began. The poor kids were horrified ! We should go after the last ones to come in first and thugs first. Dems are to blame. They want country overran just for illegal votes. I'm sure all the green deal nuts will keep eating meat. The meatheads. lol Ol uncle Joe is moving awful slow ,he can barley go ,can barley function. We know he has ED . lol

  17. The war on meat,coming from the same people that hate Republicans. Why do crazy people get heard?Capitalism has made life better for all, so why give an ear to their foolishness? Every creature living expels gas,including humans.

  18. When Trump wins 2020, the Lil outrage monster y'all created will turn and devour it's makers.

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