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  1. There will NEVER be any control on guns! The American people will not stand for violating our Constitutional rights! We have a President who listens to us!

  2. i don't know why the top bureaucrats don't get it; they need a large trench, not a wall. a wall you can tunnel under, or grappel over, a large trench…you just don't get to pass it, and its dug out to a depth of 25 ft, and 20-25 feet across…and, is it cheaper?

  3. So your wife is filing for divorce… She is losing the children, so she says you’re insane and have made threats concerning guns….. You can’t prove she is lying, BAMM YOU LOSE YOUR GUNS! That’s how these red laws will backfire!!!!

  4. Geraldo, please the raid was for identity theft and other crime. They need to do this on a regular basis.

  5. You can do Humanitarian things with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in their OWN COUNTRY. THEY don't need to be here. They want to be here.
    Not that American's don't want to do it. They pay very little under the table. So no American will do the job.

  6. Hey Geraldo, tell me about Al Capone's vault! By the way Geraldo, you should follow the immigration law right? For example you found out that someone is living in your home for decade without your knowledge, what are you going to do? Huh! Geraldo?

  7. Americans get arrested all the time in front of their kids. And taken to jail. That's parent and child separation.

  8. This Geraldo dude needs to take his bleeding heart to Cuba. Try this garbage in any other country and this punk would be behind bars. When this dude comes on I totally skip the entire segment TRAITOR

  9. That's the problem with the Left. They don't know the difference between a semi AUTOMATIC RIFLE and a FULLY AUTOMATIC RIFLE.

  10. Geraldo, American citizens would work hard jobs if welfare did not exist for capable people. Starvation is a hard choice. Migrant workers use to be the working poor of America.

  11. N killed and no gun….a killer is a killer regardless!! When someone wants to kill, they will find a way to kill

  12. South american's do not have the right to go into ANY COUNTRY , unless they try to do it legally , plus those chicken job's could be used by those young ppl that have to pay their own tuition or for mums , who can work for only a few hours a day bt her family need extra cash , it's illegal so what is the problem , bt they have nothing and that's why we need to help them , so are lot's of U.S citizen's and dont you think that the U.S has done enough for these NON AMERICAN'S , you give their countrie's MILLION'S , so you can stop anybody from entering regardless of their situation ???

  13. FB   is  using  Dragonfly  china's  program  that  does  social  points  on  social  media.You  say  something  they  don't  like  you  can't  fly  do  it  again  you  lose  yourjob……..FB  is  just  as  bad.  FB  bans  you  if  your  credit  card  company   alerts  them  to  your purchases  if  you   bought  a  gun  or  amo   then  FB  bans  you  for  30  days.  Paypal  bans  youtoo  if  you  "wrong think".  FB  is  just  like  the  rest  of  them.

  14. FOX NEWS is the Russian Communist network..Promoting Russian Communist Republicans and Hate.

  15. @7:52 uhhhhhhh yea buddy theres HAND GUNS thats can fuck "bangbangbangbangbangbang" off a fucking 20 clip in WAAAAAAY less than 10 seconds and its all from TRIGGER PRESSING!!! IT'S CALLED A QUIK FINGER YOU FUCKING CUK!!!!!!!!

  16. Mexicans got way too proud of themselves in America, now they will live in fear. More raids coming, more brownskins going. Mexicans have never assimilated, they have always been our enemy.

  17. The elite's DO hunt , bt it's children and it is well known , if the movie open's ppl's eyes to the elite , it can only be good !

  18. Google said NO to helping our country( the pentagon),
    and yes to communist China

  19. Anything made , is looked at , by the military 1st , if they cannot use it , then it goes to the public , if they can use it , they will make sure that ppl will not see it , until the military have made sure it cannot be used against them , super glue was made for the military to close wound's quickly , scientist's were playing video games in the 60's , yet at least in the UK , we didnt see these game's till late 70's early 80's !

  20. Because Heraldo, they are FUKING ILLEGAL MF! Anchor babies are a MF excuse ass hole! The Bosses don't care as they are getting very cheap labor!

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