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  1. Fox news is for simple minded and uneducated white people who really cant comprehend like Trump ..it is a form of retardation … the only thing they have is bigotry … these white people will burn it hell forever ..killers of culture …!! this is the history of white trash !!!

  2. Here's what I think TIME TO DO I. C. E RAIDS IN EL PASO.. TO MANY illegals telling OUR President Trump he can't come to s USA Town 😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡I promise I will stand my ground 💪

  3. MAGA send her back MAGA lock her up MAGA grab them by the :!@@!: MAGA its an invasion MAGA build that wall MAGA extreme terrorist and ms13 pouring in through our southern border MAGA fake news MAGA shoot them bing bing done

  4. The Democrat/Socialist candidates are sick puppies. Sick and delusional. The have a severe case of Trump derangement.

  5. I just want to hear about our the families victims are doing, and want to slap Beto

  6. The responsibility lies with the killer. No one else. There is a mentality of spreading the blame to everyone else.

  7. The most sickening thing about christianity is the horrific fantasy of vicarious redemption, the idea that you can slough off your bad deeds and place them on a human scapegoat who is then tortured and murdered in your stead. And further, to imagine that this unconscionable act somehow relieves you of responsibility. Utter barbarity, utter stupidity!

  8. I hear that Democrat politicians are looking to blame Trump for Lincoln's assassination. After all, Trump is responsible for everything that has ever gone wrong.

  9. Beto…. The retard that wrote about how he wanted to run over little children.
    Spread the word about the new movie The Hunt

  10. Profilers should be on every case and the same team working on every single case. The problem with that is the random nature of the places they do it.

  11. It's revolting and ghastly that the DEMOCRATS keep using tragedies for fund raising. When will people take off their "rose colored Democrat glasses" and REALIZE how these democrat President candidates are USING the emotions of the people AGAINST them. They are making up lies and half truths in order to serve their purpose. Its like the mortician who wants to sell you a $10K coffin for your mother because you are in a delicate state of mind… WHAT A PILE OF COW EXHAUST!!!!!

  12. Carley probably threw up after eating that fair food. You don’t get her figure eating fair food in Wisconsin.

  13. Where we're all the men at these shootings ???? Oh yeah. !!! RUNNING AWAY !!!! Bunch of cowards !!!! You were supposed to be protecting life instead you let these shooters kill more poeple…… TEXAN MEN GROW A PAIR!!!!! RUN TOWARDS THE BULLETS AND SAVE LIVES!!!!

  14. Democrats you are using masochist four your own political game . You Democrats making me sick you don't care about this country if you did he will help Donald Trump. A scale of your f**** high horses and help was that too hard for you morons I thinking it's just. It was a tragedy in Texas and Ohio.

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