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  1. Да подите вы на хер. Верните канал владельцу, ублюдки.

  2. Not your intention? You should be arrested. This people from Left are evil and dangerous…

  3. Conservatives ALL Patriots ALL
    Should get away from all social media. Twitter is disgusting. Facebook same. Never been on either and fuck them.
    They are democratic sites.period

  4. Trump needs to fight fire with fire….his enemies are brown supremacists and he should start calling all of them brown supremacists.

  5. It’s really sad an sickening that all these people murdered an all Dems can say is: Trump is prejudiced. When people can’t find anything intelligent to say they play race card!!!! RIP to those lost.

  6. regarding the proposed gun laws, I was falsely accused by a local sherriff's office that was harassing me, a totally innocent person. I had to go out of state to get a concealed carry license as proof that I have no criminal record. Definitely NOT a violent felon as I was accused. There must be some protection for innocent people. enhance background checks are fine and I agree with not clearing juvenile records, which some states do not clear now and a national archive for violent behavior would be good. Also all people involved with Antifa should be in that archive, they are very dangerous.

  7. Castro was a member of Obama's cabinet. Did a terrible (corrupt) job of running HUD. I wonder where he learned his dirty tricks of outing people to be harassed, threatened and intimidated. Considering Obama weaponized many government agencies to do the same thing, it is easy to surmise where he learned how to demonize, criminalize and intimidate any opposition.

  8. its time to break up big tech companys they have proven they cant operate without bias and some of them are working with chinese intel against the U.S.

  9. Mr. Hanrahan strikes me as a man who epitomizes what every young man should aspire to be and I suspect he engenders great loyalty from family, friends and his young employees. Contrast him with sleazy Castro and you know why he donated to a conservative party.

  10. Little Jocko Castro getting his "gang" all fired up to go after the rivals.

  11. We now need legislation on knife control with that individual stabbing and killing the security guard.

  12. Baseless claims to sensationalize themselves when Dems accuse they usually are the ones doing what they accuse others of doing …weird stuff man!

  13. To say something is one thing to air on news broadcast outrageous statements yet another.

  14. The "alienated young male" problem is a serious problem in the Middle East and Pakistan and Afghanistan…and now in America.

  15. I already surrounded by liers. No direction when forced into corner dang bttchss

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