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  1. Too bad I didn't go to college! Not fair that we all have to eat their privilege. Why should this effect the tax payer who didn't go to college?

  2. I think that the government in the state of California has proven itself an enemy of it's citizens and that all federal officials should be removed from office, as well s all illegals, and the few remaining citizens should be able to elect a representative Government. That would save the country several billion dollars, overnight. And pass a law that greasy snake oil salesman and bug eyed pencil necks, and race baiting liars are forbidden from office.

  3. Not sure why people are upset that we’re not spending our taxes to support the life of a pedophile. I think he should have been out in general population.

  4. Lol all liberial/socialist/communist countries say Muslims have a mental illness when they attack us. Wouldn't want the citizens to know the truth. We are all going to be for up Muslims countries in thrity years. Why won't our countries let Christian's that are being punished in Pakistan,middle East,africia able to come to North America as refugees ? Only head cloth wearing people that hate Christian's and jews. So glad they are starting to look into what is happening to Christians in the middle East.

  5. You follow a lying cheating pussy grabbing moron traitor with a slab on his fat bald orange head, the illegitimate pig cares nothing about you, the petty narcissist con man hates you, hates America and will stop at lnothing to save his fat ass. Wake up!

  6. Take the plaque down it was added after the fact. Demorat only should be paying a specail tax Im sure they will be happy to do just that.🤣🤣🤣

  7. Another kill by the Clinton mafia and everybody knows they been above the law and only trump say it we are a nation of pussys taxpayers money for the clintons

  8. Monday morning at a federal judge republic made a statement saying he was going forward with the Jeffrey Epstein trial Monday afternoon the judges found died

  9. Substitute my behind. If you are working in a Jail facility, you have been trained to do YOUR job. I worked for approx. 14.5 years in 2 jails. If you are an Officer, then do your job. Substitute. HOGWASH.

  10. Obumba was plain and simple a lying slim bag of the highest order. U guys voted him and his boy friend wife into power.

  11. That’s BS. Those guards are suppose to walk (make their rounds), the unit every 30 mins. Takes 10mins to check those cells. Substitute or not.

  12. BTW when people come to this country through our immigration system- to become a citizen ( 1 M+ a year legally come here) they have to prove that they have a job or can get a job or family member who can help them get a job. They also- to become a citizen- have to know English to a degree, know our history and pledge allegiance to this country.
    I hope Trump's attempt is not placating the illegals.

  13. i want answers on y you all can get sound right or is that just another way to fuck with peoples heads

  14. Do coverage on the purposed illegal Red Flag laws being tossed around….please

  15. Fire those that protested WholeFoods, there is people waiting for jobs!! Employees don't have the right to protest to elimate a government agency!! Give jobs to people who really want to work!!

  16. OK…Well..I went to community College, Because I could not afford to go to a BIG College….I Guess I should file a LAWSUIT against the DNC and Get some College Money that I could not get before…I Don't think that is fare at all!~! THAT IS Crazy…Way to Teach the children…" its OK to Pile on the debt..the Government will forgive it later

  17. The women that works on fox no news was they working for Epstein before going to work at fox? Rusty Limpballs probably was a Client to.

  18. These prison guards have UNLIMITED overtime which they love (to death). Goes without saying that even if they sleep on the job, they get paid for it. And now you're telling us that you are short of staff. The problem is CORRUPTION just like the Baltimore case… No wait, I think you would be racist to say that!!! What a f…g joke!!

  19. Send that statue back to France has anyone questioned why the statue is there in the New York Harbor isn't that worthy immigrants of the past had to come through and be checked over and over medically physically criminally

  20. Migrants of our past game through Ellis Island and I were thoroughly checked out they didn't just get to just come in

  21. omg…..if you believe he killed himself….theres a bridge id like to sell you….

  22. No one is untouchable when it comes to the billionaires Epstein has dirt on . Epstein is alive the fake death is a security precaution….. I hope!!

  23. We know for sure that the Dems. plans are always to give away that which is ours by right of being citizens. They act as though we work to support others and not our own families.

  24. Progressives: we need to be more like Sweden!

    Trump: <makes us more like Sweden>

    Progressives: that is cruel, racist, and fascist!

  25. Government run health care:??? Look at the VA, waiting in line to see a doctor killed HOW MANY VETS????? 41 from Phoenix VA alone….. What government run entity had EVER been run EFFECTIVELY????? None:???

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